“I appreciate the data protection features of iOS” – Alexander Kuttig in the quiz.

Alexander Kuttig is the founder of Teamfit GmbH, a startup in the field of digital employee health and fitness with clients such as BMW AG and DB Schenker. “I’m fascinated by all the entrepreneurs who build a real, profitable company based on an idea,” says Kuttig. He has a Master of Science in Computer Science and speaking experience at various technical events (RN EU, Geekle.us). He also worked as a handball coach in various junior and senior teams for a long time and has a B license for competitive handball. In our questionnaire he reveals where “the potential for the development of revolutionary and alternative ideas could open up.”

mobilbranche.de: What was your first cell phone?

Alexander Kuttig: My first cell phone was a Nokia 5110.

mobilbranche.de: Which do you think is better: Android or iOS and why?

Alexander Kuttig: Both systems have their advantages. Personally, I prefer iOS because I appreciate the built-in privacy features and the simplicity of the system.

mobilbranche.de: What three apps do you no longer want to miss on your home screen?

Alexander Kuttig: Google Maps, Gmail, Team Fit

mobilbranche.de: Keyword Mobile advertising: What was the best advertising for you?

Alexander Kuttig: Most Sixt image ads. The speed and creativity with which people react to current events never ceases to amaze me.

mobilbranche.de: And what was the worst mobile ad for you?

Alexander Kuttig: Anything purely sensational (“She didn’t do that!”, “You have to read this information”).

mobilbranche.de: Do you have mobile role models? If yes, which one?

Alexander Kuttig: No specials. I am fascinated by all the entrepreneurs who build a real and profitable company from a single idea.

mobilbranche.de: How does your mother describe your work?

Alexander Kuttig: one thousand uses

mobilbranche.de: Is your job a profession or a vocation for you?

Alexander Kuttig: Both. I am very comfortable in my work, but I have learned that it is not everything in life.

mobilbranche.de: How do you feel about mobile payment?

Alexander Kuttig: Mobile payment is very convenient. I like to use it a lot.

mobilbranche.de: When and where do you miss the mobile in your daily life? In other words: where do you still see development potential?

Alexander Kuttig: Input on mobile phones through small keyboards is sometimes still very tedious. There could still be development potential for revolutionary and alternative ideas here, without me knowing exactly what that will look like. In general, better network coverage would be desirable so that the functionalities of mobile devices can be used anywhere.

mobilbranche.de: Mobile in 5 years: what has disappeared, what has prevailed?

Alexander Kuttig: I think smartphones, tablets, and voice-controlled systems like Amazon Alexa will still be around. Each of these technologies solves different problems and therefore has a right to exist. What has hopefully disappeared are the annoying cookie ads on all websites; there has to be a solution for this. 😊

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