Improve the image of the fitness industry through appropriate pricing policies

The ‘key data of the German fitness industry’ has shown a trend towards a slightly decreasing contribution for a basic membership (12 months) in the individual companies for several years. The fitness service advertises itself repeatedly, sometimes temporarily, with discount lure deals. And that’s despite the fact that the range of services offered by German health and fitness facilities is becoming increasingly diverse and professional in terms of quality.

Florian Kündgen talks about pricing in the fitness and health industry

Here I would like to show you the scope Importance of pricing policy in your positioning concept have and why you no (again and again) in the price war go, but physical training as a health protector Service with a higher price in the long run should start.

Positioning as a quality supplier: in

As part of the pricing policy determine the conditions under which a Brand offered on the market in the medium and long term will she have with it Impact on brand image (external image from the point of view of the relevant target groups) and through the reciprocal Relationship also with brand identity (Self-image of the brand from the point of view of the entrepreneur).

Due to the peculiarity of Immateriality of the fitness service and consequent lack of visible performance features The pricing policy for positioning is of great importance for. (Potential) members also use it. price level of the fitness service as a criterion of quality assessment.

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quality and cheap – Does that fit? Pencils that break when sharpened. Can openers that get stuck in the lid after half a turn. A pair of jeans that rips after ten washes. “If you buy cheap, you buy twice!“In all areas of our lives Good quality demands its price.

Health is our greatest asset. Health means fitness, joy of living and satisfaction. However, good health is also a prerequisite for cope with the demands of life.

Saving on it would be the wrong approach, since health quality and competition needswhat under one suffer low price would do. Or put another way: on one Correction of membership fees – regardless of whether we refrain from various lure offers or raise the price – we can do it image of the entire industry to improve.

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it’s right now In these timesbut also long term acceptance in the perception of political decision makersbanks and all other interested parties.

Discount Provider Differentiation: Insidenorth

Regarding the price, we can clarify, among other things, that Fitness studios not “weight rooms” they are, but competent health care providers. Therefore, they are always taking place Counterproductive price wars.

Of course, I am aware that the Choice of membership fee a high cognitive involvement of (potential) members with associated information on the subject of health should be observed. Consequently, the Customer’s willingness to pay be known.

Otherwise, the will to enter into or extend a contract would be inhibited. studies of the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) show that the sensitization The width population to the topics fitness and health very strong in the last two years raised have and intend to use one for this highest membership fee to demand, also from a large part already accepted will be.


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