In this sport, women accidentally pee in their pants.

As children we used to get on the trampoline, today it is a trend jumping fitness. You don’t just jump randomly, you train your whole body with the help of a specific jumping technique. Even if the fitness trend is a lot of fun, there are a few things to consider, especially for women.

Why jumping fitness on the trampoline makes you fit and happy

Depends on the technology

The special thing about Jumping Fitness: You don’t push off with your toes and then straighten your legs, but always try to keep your knees bent and land with the entire surface of your foot on the springboard. The knees are raised and the upper body remains on one level. It’s like jumping on the trampoline.

Only when you have mastered the correct technique does Jumping Fitness become an effective cardio workout, with which you can make the muscles of the legs and buttocks really burn on the trampoline.

Attention, pelvic floor!

Jumping fitness offers a number of advantages: it’s easier on the joints than jogging, and it trains endurance and strength in equal measure. The knees in particular are challenged: the muscles are strengthened and the joint flexibility improved. The sense of balance and the ability to coordinate are not neglected either.

However, the trampoline is not the perfect training device for everyone, as jumping fitness puts a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor. So if you have problems with your pelvic floor, are pregnant or have just given birth to a child Has, better not to venture on the trampoline. Otherwise, you can urinate yourself.

If you don’t have any problems with your pelvic floor, you shouldn’t let your first trampoline jump fitness course worry you: it’s completely normal to feel like you’re on the trampoline Toilet to have to!

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Burn calories and produce happy hormones with Jumping Fitness

Jumping fitness not only stirs up childhood memories of the trampoline in the garden, but is also a lot of fun: jumping pours hormones of happiness off and the stress level decreases. At the same time, you burn a lot of calories during sweaty training: depending on the intensity and fitness level, you burn between 250 and 800 calories per hour.

According to a study, the physical form to jump is even more effective than running! Consequently, oxygen intake and fat burning improve more than with runners. For the greatest success, you should get on the trampoline two to three times a week.

Conveniently, the trampoline can also be used in other ways besides training device be used, for example, for a short tabata. Many gyms offer jumping jacks as a course, but you can also train yourself at home. High flights are guaranteed!

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