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Swing gracefully through the air, seemingly weightless dangling from fabrics – what looks like an impressive acrobatic act is called Flying Pilates. It was invented by personal trainer and Pilates trainer Sonja Ehrlich. It will bring the extraordinary sport to the participants of the FITBOOK Beach Camp, which will take place in Crete from September 30 to October 7, and show them how to reach new heights of fitness with Flying Pilates.

The business administration graduate has been a trainer since 2007. In 2012, Sonja Ehrlich developed the Flying Pilates training concept, which she will offer in courses at her studio in Hamburg and also at the FITBOOK Beach Camp. The special feature: with Flying Pilates you float around the room on attached towels. The sport combines elements of Pilates, functional fitness, suspension training, and aerial acrobatics, making for a unique training experience. Muscles are strengthened, joints are more flexible and posture is improved. In addition to concentration and body tension, Flying Pilates also requires and promotes a high degree of balance and strength, and a bit of confidence.

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sonja erlich
sonja erlichPhoto: Anna-Lena Ehlers

Surname: sonja erlich
Home: hamburg
Education: Business economist (WAH), Pilates and personal trainer (DTB, IFAA), group fitness trainer in various formats, prenatal and postnatal trainer, developer and owner of Flying Pilates, initially part-time trainer since 2007, founder/developer of Flying Pilates as new training concept in 2012, opening of the first Flying Pilates Studio 2013, development of Flying Pilates as a training concept 2015, certified by the German Pilates Association e. v

“Sport should be fun”

FITBOOK: What courses will you offer at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Sonja Ehrlich: “At the FITBOOK Beach Camp, I will be teaching mainly Pilates, but also stretching courses and abdominal and core training.”

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What are you most looking forward to at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
“What I want most in FITBOOK Beach Camp is to do sports with great people, enjoy the sun, be on the beach and experience the good vibes together.”

What is your fitness motto?
“My fitness motto is: Sport should be fun! If you enjoy sport, you stick to it, you stick to it, you see success, you have more fun with sport, and therefore the two are inseparable for me ”.

“The participants will go home with a lot of motivation”

What is the worst line trainees can tease you with?
Honest: “There’s no such thing as the worst phrase a coach can annoy me with. But I guess one question I don’t like to hear is, ‘How much longer?'”

Where are you most likely to be found at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Honest: “You’ll find me at FITBOOK Beach Camp on my mat on the beach, looking out to sea, probably with a cup of coffee in hand. And if I’m not there, you’ll probably see me at the dessert buffet, because I love to eat dessert.”

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What else can participants expect from your courses at the FITBOOK Beach Camp?
“The participants will go home after the FITBOOK Beach Camp with a lot of good vibes and I think they will also go home with a lot of motivation to continue training in their day to day.”

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