Isometric training: the 1-minute exercise should be extra hard

For isometric training you don’t have to go to the gym, you don’t need any equipment, you don’t even have to move! It sounds strange at first, but it is the latest trend. Here you can find out how isometric training works and why static exercises are so effective.

What is isometric training?

Isometric training: how does it work?

In isometric training, the muscles contract maximally under pressure. That means the muscles are used but not moved. With this special form of strength training stretch and contraction are dispensed with. In this way, the muscles should become stronger in a very short time.

The goal of all isometric training exercises is not to lift as many weights as possible, but to maintain a tense posture as long as possiblealthough this should not last more than a few minutes with little exercise.

Our advice: There is a big plus point, because many exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life and are done very quickly. For example, planks, which we have already described in more detail here. These exercises will also make you stronger and fitter..

The best isometric training exercises.

The good: you have to do a lot of exercises for just a minute wait for results. But: even a single minute can be difficult; you will definitely notice it in the following exercises.

wall sit athlete woman exercise workout fitness
Sitting on the wall is extremely difficult, but it will definitely be worth it. (Photo:

1. Sit on the wall

Isometric training – come on! For this exercise, lean your back against the wall and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. The legs and butt are particularly under stress here. And it will require a lot of perseverance.

Our advice: If you put weights on your thighs, even if it’s just a full water bottle, it’s even harder to stay sitting on the wall. But also more effective…

bridge sport woman fitness yoga
Depending on the tension and movement, the bridge is also a good stretching exercise (Photo: gin tan).

2. Bridge

First you lie on your back. Then she slightly bends her legs, raises her buttocks and leans on her hands, which you stretch over her head towards the ground. If the exercise is a bit difficult for you at first, you can do the shoulders, the head and, if necessary, those Leave your forearms on the ground. It is important that there is still a cavity under his body.

headstand handstand woman fitness sport yoga
When doing a headstand, you can vary your arms for more stability. (Photo:

3. Handstand and headstand

Everyone knows these exercises, but only a few can do them. Because both exercises are more for advanced users who have more have some body tension, You can also start by bracing your feet against a wall for extra support when doing a headstand or handstand.

Our advice: Especially when doing a headstand, your arms can also give you more stability. How much more The further your arms are from your body, the more stable you will be. This makes it easier to distribute the load.

Woman plank sport plank training isometric
Planks are extremely efficient! Photo: shutter/Statisique / shutter/Statisique

4. Planks

Planks are a great full-body exercise and part of isometric training. You lean on your forearms and lift your feet. So all your duty The body becomes tense and hard as a board. be.

Our advice: If you want to make it more difficult, you can take turns lifting your legs. Just holding the board for a minute is already quite an achievement!

Conclusion: Why variety is important in isometric training

Because metabolic waste products, such as lactate, are more difficult to remove, muscles become acidic and stiff more quickly. That can thickening and knots to lead

Purely static training without variety means that muscle growth and elasticity can decrease. Only one Mix of resistance and various strength exercises. effectively promotes muscle growth.

The best exercises for glutes

More on isometric training:

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