Japan’s towel training is supposed to flatten your stomach in 10 days, what’s the problem?

Who does not want a defined and flat stomach? Abdominal muscle training is very popular, especially in summer. But while some struggle with abs, that promises towel training from Japan, to ensure a flat stomach with a single stretching exercise, and that after only 10 days of training. We take a closer look at the TikTok trend.

What does Japanese towel training actually do?

Towel training: not a new trend

Even if towel training is currently circulating on TikTok: the training method is not new. the doctor dr toshikifukutsuji he developed the workout over 10 years ago and featured it in one of his books.

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According to Fukutsuji, people with pelvic deformities tend to store more fat around the waist. A misalignment of the hip joint can cause problems. The solution: a simple alignment of the hips can ensure that the contracted nerve tracts are regenerated. In order for the pelvis to return to the correct position, the back must be straight. Towel training helps with this.

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Will your stomach soon look like this without much sweat? Photo: Viktor_Gladkov/ Gett Pictures

Is it really that easy to get a flat stomach?

Everyone has small pockets of fat: some wear them mainly around the hips, others have them more prominent on the buttocks and thighs. The distribution of fat pockets is genetically conditioned.

One thing is certain: exercises like sit-ups alone are not enough to get a flat stomach. They strengthen the muscles under the fatty tissue, but they only become visible when when the percentage of body fat is significantly reduced. A flat and muscular stomach in women can only be seen from a body fat percentage of around 12 to 15 percent.

This is how towel training works

If you want to try towel training, you can find them here Step by step instructions:

  1. Roll up a towel tightly.
  2. Lie down on a yoga mat and grab the towel just below your lower back, parallel to your belly button.
  3. Extend your legs shoulder-width apart and let your toes point toward each other.
  4. Put your arms behind your head. The little fingers should touch.
  5. Stay in this position without moving for five minutes. Repeat the training with the Japanese towel for 10 days.
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Conclusion: Towel training alone does not lead to a six pack

Japanese towel training can be uncomfortable at first, but… over time the exercise should become easier and easier Will. But don’t expect to get a six-pack in 10 days just by slacking off.

Because to see true success, you definitely need to do more. If you really want a six pack, a healthy, balanced diet and regular, intense exercise to build muscle are essential.

Still, Japanese towel training is not a bad method. You can wonderfully integrate it into your training to improve your posture and relieve back pain. And: a strong back also leads to a strong stomach in the long run.

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