Jasper Jauch’s UCI MTB DH World Cup column: Andorra

Flat, steep, steeper, that pretty much describes the profile of the route to the next World Cup stop in the tax haven of Andorra.

tax haven? That’s right, Andorra is as big as a city, but it has its own state and, therefore, there are very few income taxes that must be passed on to the Treasury. A little nerdy talk on the side: some World Cup riders have also registered their residency there.

MTB downhill ace Greg Minaar in action.

Greg Minnaar in white is always a favorite.

© Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Group

Back to the races, because after lenzerheide there is a lot to do for the dense field of drivers to compensate for mistakes, punctures and poor placement.

However, there is a tight hourglass for the preparations, the tests and the regeneration of the bruises, because there are exactly 7 days and approximately 1,200 km between the final in Lenzerheide and the final in Andorra. There is little time to transport the pit and the truck from A to B.

Actually, this could be considered an unofficial race of the teams. Athletes are much more comfortable on the plane than behind the wheel of a 40-tonne truck.

MTB downhill ace Amaury Pierron in action at the World Cup in Lenzerheide.

Amaury Pierron is frequent in Andorra and is used to height.

© Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Group

However, once on site, there are other circumstances that really need a little more time to adjust. If when mounting the pit your breathing becomes strong like a steam engine, your pulse quickens as if you were already running, it is due to the lack of air in the upper area of ​​Vallnord.

The start and most of the pits are located at 1,900 meters above sea level. This should be much more noticeable with cross-country riders, though, because the downhill rider is already much lower three breaths later. In total, they are almost 560 meters deep, which plunge down the mountain more and more abruptly.

Good time to take a closer look at the route:

Unfortunately, I have not received any photos or videos yet because, according to the experts, a lot of research was done here to make the course more insightful and airy. There are rumors about big jumps on open stretches. The desire for a weather vane has already been expressed several times. all eyes open Cade Edwards Y bernard kerrrisky flight maneuvers are his specialty.

In general, Andorra is very varied and strewn with roots and stones, which makes it a real downhill track. A little flatter at the top with some crossbars, you still have a chance to get to the run. That was not the case in Leogang or in Lenzerheide. A good opportunity for riders who already made a mistake at the start to shine in Andorra.

MTB downhill ace Greg Minaar in action at the World Cup in Lenzerheide.

Aaron Gwinn is constantly fighting to get back on top.

© Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Group

After the warm-up, there are always short bus stops, left and right turns of the route over hanging traverses, sometimes leading to a steeper section.

It then continues to be steep further down and once again the art of metered braking and a specific choice of line is required. In the rain, you should get the most spectacular rodeo rides in front of the lens, where you try to tame the crazy bike. I really wish everyone involved may the god of time Peter continue to be merciful. So: don’t forget to eat, then the weather will still be good.

Steep and winding, the World Cup professionals are escorted to the finish line. One last step towards the last corner that should not be taken for granted. Finish.

And with the bike, will the Lenzerheide set-up stay there?

There are similarities to the track, especially in terms of speed. The chassis will probably be a bit tighter at Vallnord. The steep end of the trail requires a lot of support from the front, so a little more pressure or even more volume spacers in the fork increase progression.

Rather, it stays the same at the rear or, if no changes are made at the front, it tends to be a bit softer at the rear.

When I was a racer I used a slightly shorter stem to gain more room on the bike due to the steep ravines that drag you down the mountain like a stream. If you want to go deeper here: The video series Marked by Fox deals with exactly that.
Photo of Rachel Atherton's custom downhill mountain bike.

Rachel Atherton’s own custom bike.

© Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Group

Braking traction must be a top priority at Vallnord, we are surprised by the tire choice depending on the weather.

Fitness is probably one of the most important factors due to altitude. finnish islands Y Amaury Pierron seems to be dominant at the moment. Loic Bruni has announced that he wants to play again. He Has already received the entrance to the ball pool?
miriam nicole is back, with the high performance ever. Camille Balanche, one of the most consistent riders, had the only DNF of hers (didn’t finish) in Andorra. Nina Hoffmann is fast, fit and unbeatable when it comes to herself.
The top 5 men at the MTB Downhill World Cup in Lenzerheide 2022.

The Elite podium in Lenzerheide.

© Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Group

I’ve stopped naming clear favorites because the field of potential podium contenders has simply gotten too big. Even more exciting for the end!

But hey, let’s join in the excitement, because I have the honor of giving you the commentary in German. on Red BullTV to deliver.

The live broadcasts of the MTB DH finals in Vallnord at a glance:

Saturday from 12:25 p.m.: The women’s DH final in Vallnord live on Red Bull TV

Saturday from 1:45 p.m.: The men’s DH final in Vallnord live on Red Bull TV

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