JOHN HARRIS FITNESS GRAZ: Sweating? But with style!

Anyone who has high standards for himself and his personal aptitude will not be satisfied with mediocrity. We’ve raised the bar even higher: cardio is a must, but we also want to do yoga, we’re happy with a wellness area, and ideally our dream studio even has a pool. There’s really only one way: head downtown to John Harris Fitness. The “most modern fitness studio” in Graz spreads over 3,500 square meters and three levels. How does it feel to train with a view to the opera?

An environment that motivates you

We have it clear: the path to physical and mental balance is through exercise. And it’s a moving feeling to be STANDING at John Harris Fitness for the first time. The panoramic view over the rooftops of central Graz is Instagram-worthy: the view of the Mur metropolis can be enjoyed on all three levels of the gym. Head and heart can work well together up here, hopefully the body will keep up. In any case, the entry was a success. A friendly “I’m glad you’re here” delivered by the reception staff gives us the good feeling of being in the right place. So, now take a deep breath and let’s get started.

E-mobility: Where your training meets high technology

Passing the cardio, free weights and functional area, we go directly to the third level to the completely new e-mobility area. Coach Alexander Rossi is waiting for us. “Today, targeted training is much more than sweating and repeating exercises. It is the combination of advanced training methods, technology and good advice from your coach that makes you progress. You will notice this by the fact that your specific training brings the results you expect. For example, strengthening the deep muscles”, explains the trainer. This is particularly interesting for beginners, regardless of age, who want to approach it step by step. When you decide to get professional training, you want to feel like you’re doing it “right.” Our trainer knows this, of course: “We make sure that everyone really gets personalized training with us. For new customers, a fitness profile is first created to which the training plan is adapted. By creating a fitness profile based on your body analysis and mobility test, your body parameters are stored on a chip. This allows each device to be individually adjusted to your body and level.”

That sounds so exciting that we quickly started a self-experiment. A new training sensation, without cheating. The machines are set up in such a way that you have to be precise and execute your moves correctly. Yes, that makes you sweat a lot. Coaches are attentive and provide valuable feedback. This is good for learners. “I’m a member of John Harris Fitness because I love the variety of workout options. It’s spacious and doesn’t feel cramped. The atmosphere is great too!” Helmut Janz recommends his club to others.

Take a dip in the indoor pool

Inspired by smart training, we want to do even more good things for the body and mind and find immediately what we are looking for at John Harris Fitness. From yoga to Pilates, from HIIT training to fitness boxing: the diversity of the offer surprised us. Group courses are also offered. “We have everything in our range of courses, from relaxed training for mind and body to extreme destruction,” explains club director Maximilian Wascher. Faced with a choice, we opt for a relaxed workout with the prospect of an absolute highlight: the wellness area with sauna, terrace and a 20-meter-long indoor pool.

Trainers’ comments and medical advice.

Aptitude is a matter of attitude, not income. Students can also be found at John Harris Fitness. The customer base is as varied as the offer itself: from students to businessmen and pensioners who want to maintain their health status. “We are there for everyone!” Maximilian Wascher underlines our observation. Wascher explains that the price of the gym is above average for a gym with the “unique range of services.” In addition to the wellness area, high-tech equipment, various courses and support from coaches, the offer is completed with medical care. The only shortcoming we could find: You still have to get on the stair climber or pass the sun salutation at John Harris Fitness. No one here can take that away from you either.

Free month for new customers

If you want to start with fall fashion, the John Harris welcomes you in a sophisticated atmosphere. By the way: if you sign up for a membership before October 5th, you will receive a free month. So secure this added benefit to the John Harris Fitness offer, which is open 365 days a year.

Developed in cooperation with John Harris Fitness.

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