Julian Nagelsmann worried about De Ligt’s physical condition? “From 0 to approximately 150”

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Of: Philip Kessler

Pull apart

FC Bayern is currently on a tour of the United States. It’s great for the fans, but for the stars? Coach Julian Nagelsmann is happy anyway.

Washington DC – FC Bayern is in the middle of the Audi Summer Tour in the United States. It’s time for a tentative conclusion from Julian Nagelsmann (34). “The boys give a very good impression, they are very committed, very focused and also emotional in training. You could tell that one or the other was missing a few grains because we just trained a lot in such a short time”, said the coach after the win in the friendly against DC United on Wednesday night “We have few opportunities to slow down.”

He spoke with debutant Matthijs de Ligt (22) about units at the start of pre-season at his former club Juventus Turin. “They did several six-minute races and got off to a very easy start,” Nagelsmann said. “We didn’t have that. We went from 0 to about 150. At some point you have to adjust the training.” On Thursday, the team will train on the grass again, “but not as much as we had planned.”

Julian Nagelsmann worried about De Ligt’s physical condition? “It went from 0 to about 150”

Speaking of space: “The original training opportunities that we had were no longer in the condition that we would have been able to train there. That’s why it was important to train in the stadium. In terms of volume, it’s not as nice as when I’m somewhere in the Austrian Alps where some birds are singing,” says Nagelsmann. “We’re in a big city. You can say. Air conditioners blow pretty hard, so you have to talk pretty loud. You don’t get adequate rest. But we had a good place.”

Matthijs de Ligt had to leave the field after 20 minutes in FC Bayern’s first friendly. © Nick Wass/AP/dpa +++ dpa picture radio

It’s always nice to train in a stadium. Bayern are very happy that DC United have made it possible for Bayern to work on him. “You’re also in the league, so you have to catch up when you see where you are in the table,” said the bottom of the table in the Major League Soccer Eastern Conference. Nagelsmann: “We were able to maintain the necessary units to develop in such a short time.”

FC Bayern: Heat makes Thomas Müller and Co. believe

In addition to the training workload, the weather in the US capital, Washington DC, is also causing problems for the Bavarians. So far, the thermometer has risen to over 30 degrees Celsius on every day of the tour. “Of course, the heat and humidity are also extreme,” gasped Nagelsmann. “But I think the team spirit is very good.” In general, he is very satisfied with the preparations so far.

Munich residents barely have time for a sightseeing program in Washington DC. But they still try to experience the city in the best possible way. “I like to run here in the morning, it’s very green. I’m happy to be here,” said Nagelsmann. Thomas Müller (32): “We’ve already passed some memorable buildings. You can also see the great parks and how people play baseball etc. It’s a really cool story.” On Tuesday night, the team went to a typical American restaurant for a photo shoot. An appointment at the White House was scheduled for Thursday. Phillip Kessler (pk) reports from Washington DC

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