Lack of fitness? Kramer points out positive career values ​​of Schalke players

With a 0-0 victory at VfL Wolfsburg, FC Schalke 04 managed to win the next point in the Bundesliga. But first of all, they cried a possible victory, which Terodde missed on the penalty spot. And second, according to many critics, the team fell apart again in the middle of the second half. Coach Kramer counters this with concrete values.

Intensive approach, get into as many duels as possible, disturb the opponent in his development. That was coach Frank Kramer’s motto in Schalke’s first two games this season. And although they lost significantly at the end in Cologne and only got one lucky point against Gladbach, this concept worked, until around the 65th minute.

After that, the Schalke players had to pay tribute to their high level of commitment and some just couldn’t get into the duels and run the duels long enough. This was not only noticed by media insiders, but also by most fans.

So the team is not fit enough for the 90 minutes of football in the Bundesliga? This thought also arises in the neutral observer.

Coach Frank Kramer responded to this criticism in the pre-match interview in Wolfsburg. You are in the top 5 of the entire league with your mileage. And he’s right: after three game days, Schalke 04 have covered 344 kilometres. This puts you in 5th place in this ranking, although you had to play with a man less in Cologne for a long time.

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Schalkern is out of breath for 90 minutes

But apparently the team is not trained enough for this high intensity. Thomas Ouwejan and Tom Krauß were substituted against VfL Wolfsburg due to cramps. Rodrigo Zalazar had to be substituted in the 70th minute, against Gladbach even in the 66th minute because he was exhausted.

Coupled with the fact that Schalke take too many roads in vain and thus get high mileage, it shows time and time again that the team collapses in the middle of the second half. So it’s easy for better-trained teams to dismantle Schalke 04, even if VfL Wolfsburg didn’t make it in the end.

And so Kramer also admits: “The intensity is new territory for the players. There is still hope that this weakness can also be eliminated during the current season; at least it has been recognized.

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