LES MILLS Global Fitness Report shows current customer needs

LES MILLS asked 12,157 consumers around the world about their current fitness habits and needs. The LES MILLS Global Fitness Report 2021 shows what the new “fitness landscape” looks like after the two coronavirus lockdowns and what challenges gym operators are facing due to increasing customer demands.

The most important facts in summary:

  • LES MILLS Global Fitness Report 2021 reveals: gyms worldwide recover after the pandemic.
  • Where the corona restrictions were lifted, they are Visitor numbers at 120 percent of pre-COVID19 pandemic levels.
  • two-thirds of gym members I prefer to train with others than alone..
  • Live fitness classes become like most popular offer called in the gym.
  • Live courses are more than twice as attractive as live streaming options at homeThe coaches and the energy of the group are the most important factors for this.
  • The legacy of COVID-19: 80 percent of gym members plan, after the corona pandemic, plus live trainings too continue using digital workouts.

Here we go! Background and detailed information:

Fitness studios are facing a rapid recovery from the corona pandemic and Fitness fanatics around the world are looking forward to training with their friends again..

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Strong comeback of members after reboot

That’s according to the new LES MILLS Global Fitness Report, which includes a ‘world revival live‘ note fitness fanatics after months of lonely workouts at home return to facilitiesto yourself motivate and socialize. (Also read: ‘Social Center Study’)

“After being stuck at home for months, people can’t wait to get back into fitness facilities and enjoy their favorite workouts with familiar faces.”

Philip Mills, Founder and CEO LES MILLS

report is waiting relevant information from 12,157 consumers on five continents on – examines how the pandemic has changed our fitness habits and showcases new training trendsthat will shape the industry for years to come.

Fitness trend and continued strong demand

Despite fears that the COVID19-driven at-home fitness boom would spell the end for gyms, research suggests that most members return to their gym in a timely manner.

The 2021 Global Fitness Report also shows that gyms around the world have bounced back strongly since reopening and the use of classes in markets where capacity restrictions have been lifted 120 percent of the level before the corona pandemic.

Live courses in high demand

the Demand for live classes is therefore even it shot itself: 85 percent of gym goers are interested in live courses to test at your facility.

About two thirds (67%) of gym members surveyed say they they prefer to train in a group: live courses are from the point of view of the customers surveyed almost twice as popular as online coursesthat are broadcast live (44% vs. 23%).

Employees as a success factor: Qualified trainers ensure motivation

Qualified and motivating trainers be from 28 percent as the most important factor when choosing a live class, ahead of the quality of the music (24%) and the type of class (21%).

From the customer’s point of view, they are Key Component for Revival the offer of live courses and provide additional motivation and a emotional link the team and the studio.

Omnichannel fitness deals

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the fitness landscape is evident throughout the report. Of the The rise of digital fitness will continueso 80 percent of respondents say they do too continue training digitally after the pandemic.

“The rise of digital fitness and the rise of working from home means consumers are taking an omnichannel approach to their workouts, combining exciting live workouts in the gym with the convenience of digital workouts at home.”

Philip Mills, Founder and CEO LES MILLS

Therefore, become ‘Omnichannel Fitness Solutions’ – i.e. a mix of training in the gym and digital training at home – are becoming more and more important in the wake of the corona pandemic.

Because the majority of athletes (59%) prefer one Divided between training in the gym and training at home in a ratio of 60:40.

The complet LES MILLS Global Fitness Report with all customer insights and other detailed analyzes you can download directly here.


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