Les Mills presents his five FIBO 2022 ideas

The return of the world’s largest fitness trade show live and in color for the first time since 2019 was a major milestone for the fitness and healthcare industry as it continues to recover from the impact of the pandemic. More than 500 exhibitors and 51,000 visitors from 109 countries came together to exchange ideas, introduce products and form partnerships. Les Mills is taking these top five ideas into the future.

Trends for the fitness industry: Les Mills brings five ideas from FIBO

1. We are not yet over the hill

Despite the positive signs that the fitness industry yourself from the pandemic recoveredrecent data from the European Health & Fitness Market Report 2022 shows that the Numbers still unstable are. The European fitness market in general, members and revenue remain significantly below pre-pandemic level.

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promising for that success they are in the future Innovations and smart customization and the Expansion of target groups.

2. We have to rethink and act

In one of his speeches at FIBO 2022, Phillip Mills explains how to lead Offers Boutique Gyms integrate into their studies to create a younger audience to address and minimize the threat of surrounding boutique studios.

Using the example of the successful Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago, which membership numbers has already exceeded since before the pandemic and as the most profitable studio in the worldhighlighted the importance of invest in new innovationsto get the members back.

Phillip Mills said, “We’ve all lost members in the last two years and we’re going to have to membership as fast as possible increase againwhich means that we new stuff what to do to excite them.

New equipment, new course concepts and boutique studios

Plus: “Means, medium the world Cup financial crisis he stood up People queuing in front of Apple storesto grab the latest iPhone. Namely levelthat we struggle needs: new equipment, exciting new course concepts, boutique studios within our studios, stylish and dynamic décor. Such attractive offers are that they Inspire people, no matter what’s going on in the world.

3. Equality is a top priority

In spite of the Progresswhat about Diversity and inclusion in the fight against racism and equal rights have already been done, the leading forces in the industry agree: it is found there is still a long way to gowhere greater representation of diversity and inclusion must be a top priority.

allow inclusion

“Inclusion is about that everyone has a seat at the table and feel empowered to give your best. without fear of failuresays Clive Ormerod, CEO of Les Mills International.

4. Our task: find the best talents

given the world labor shortagethat is noticeable in all industries, companies will have to work harder in 2022 to Attract the best talent – and you retain the best existing talent.

Macroeconomic developments

This topic was frequently discussed at FIBO 2022, as well as other macroeconomic developments such as the rising inflation and bottlenecks in the supply chain.

As highlighted in the EuropeActive report, it is imperative that gyms focus on Focus on group fitness experiences.hence Instructors in focus stand up and combine hard and soft skills to ensure fun and results.

keep members moving

“The The pandemic took shape of the use of technologiesto keep members moving. the next stage of the growth of the industry will certainly be driven by our talent driven‘ said Martin Franklin, CEO of Les Mills Europe

5. Top delicacy trend: gamification

The cultural convergence of fitness, fashion, music and entertainment is ushering in a new era of “effort“, that bold collaborations and produces innovative products. gamification was one of most notable trends the fair.

Increase motivation

a row of fitness games and data-driven wearable devices demonstrated its potential to increase motivation to exercise and attract a younger audience.

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Companies like Fit XR and Supernatural have already been in this space first successes scored while Les Mills was using the BODYCOMBAT VR app, which is one of the most popular martial arts inspired workouts of the world in the metaverse, makes for an exciting gamification experience.

Games: training instead of sitting

From a social perspective, it could potential of virtual reality and the metaversetransforming the game from a sedentary activity into a form of exercise, great impact on health have, especially in children and young people.

The tide lifts all boats

And the rising tide most active society it would lift all the boats, even the ones in the gyms. Do you want regularly and first of all the latest research and insights from the fitness industry obtain? Then you can contact Les Mills directly here.

Plus: ‘Key to success’

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