Let’s Get Fit in the test: between a fitness fiasco and a training dream

Not a game, but a fitness program: With Let’s Get Fit, the workouts are clearly in the foreground and the implementation is impressive.

Paris – In the course of the corona pandemic, gym fans have been forced to look for alternatives, such as outdoor sports or in their own four walls. To pull off the latter successfully, all you need is a training mat and you’re good to go. Let’s Get Fit on the Switch supports you and launches full workouts. So it’s time to sweat!

name of the game let’s get fit
release May 13, 2022
developer Voxler (Paris)
editors Nintendo
platform nintendo switch
gender fitness sport

Let’s Get Fit (Nintendo Switch) in the test: This is how the fitness game works

Let’s Get Fit is not alone in the fitness genre on Nintendo Switch. Ring Fit Adventure has already had a strong showing, but has taken a more gaming approach to motivating players. With Let’s Get Fit this is largely eliminated. Instead, developer Voxler wants to offer professional workouts geared toward fitness novices and ace alike.

However, Studio Voxler’s Let’s Get Fit doesn’t come without gamification. In addition to the achievements that can be cleared, there is also a world ranking list where your high scores are added up. The more you train, the higher you climb. There are points for each exercise successfully performed, for example for a push-up or a squat. The success with which they run is measured through the Joycon.

Let’s Get Fit: The virtual trainer shows how to do the exercises

© Voxler

Let’s Get Fit can be played in a light version where you only have to use a joycon. The commercial version, on the other hand, comes with two straps that hold the joycons. The straps are attached to the left thigh and right forearm and the training can be started and measured. For the most part, this works fine, but in some exercises you notice that the measurements are sometimes not made accurately enough.

Select your training plan in Let’s Get Fit and start

In Let’s Get Fit, you’re joined by four different trainers, who support and encourage you with short snippets of information throughout the course of your workout. This is positive in itself, but the number of lines of dialogue is very limited. Instead of hearing the same sayings over and over again like a broken record, a lot of potential was lost here. Unfortunately, additional information about your own exercises or pace is almost completely omitted.

There are numerous preset workouts in Let’s Get Fit that will send you on a 30-day training journey. Individual workouts last between 10-20 minutes and different levels of difficulty can be selected according to your fitness level. You can also create your own training sessions where you have to select the regions of the body you want to train. In this way, an individual training can be quickly generated.

Let’s get in shape: the preview shows what awaits you in training

© Voxler

It is disappointing that it is not possible to organize completely individual training sessions. This should have been one of the most important features of the game, especially for training fans. The warm-up in Let’s Get Fit is also essential. Before each training session, you can voluntarily do a warm-up session, but this is very short and superficial. Unfortunately, this is unpleasant, especially for longer and more intense training sessions, as there is an increased risk of injury.

Let’s get fit (Nintendo Switch) in the test: Great range – patchy implementation

If Let’s Get Fit does anything right, it’s the way workouts are delivered. On TV you see your coach, who accompanies you exercise after exercise. True to the motto see and participate, even beginners can easily participate in the exercises and really work up a sweat. The tutorials also show newcomers how to perform certain exercises.

You can also see the number of different exercises. Whether it’s jump squats, classic burpees, air bike crunches or lunges, there are numerous exercises for every part of the body and they’ll have you sweating hard in the varied sessions. But the implementation is sometimes quite bumpy, because there are numerous starting points in Let’s Get Fit that could have been implemented much better.

Get fit: kicks, runs, boxing, burpees – this is where you break a sweat!

© Voxler

One of the biggest criticisms of Let’s Get Fit is the calculation of calories burned. After a complete workout, you will receive an evaluation, which also includes the calories you have just burned. However, experienced fitness fans know right away that there are a lot of lies here. Many of the ten-minute exercises aim to burn more than 500 kcal, which is practically impossible, which can be seen in the often low intensity of the exercises performed. Our guess: you skipped a decimal place here, embarrassing.

Let’s put ourselves to the test: maximum score and joycons as obstacles on Nintendo Switch

While Let’s Get Fit on the Nintendo Switch offers a solid presentation, it’s a shame that the user is forced to use the joycons. There is no way to disable tracking, because high score quest is a must. Although the joycons can also simply be set aside, the acoustic and visual feedback for successful or unsuccessful execution of individual exercises is a bit annoying.

Anyone who has also opted for the light version on the Nintendo Switch and therefore does not use tension belts must also make concessions in terms of content. Some exercises are not allowed to be done without straps, which we think is silly. Joycons are a nice addition to tracking, but what about disabling point collection? It’s about getting in shape, not about earning points.

Let’s get fit: not only HIIT, yoga exercises are also available!

© Voxler

During exercises, a barometer can also be found on the screen in Let’s Get Fit, which indicates the speed of the exercises to be performed. This concept is not bad, but you have to keep up the pace. Some exercises are set at such a fast pace that they are nearly impossible to complete, while others are laid out too slowly.

Acoustic feedback is also not ideal. In many exercises, the exact start is not clear and during some sessions there are no acoustic signals indicating the end of an exercise or the start of a movement. This is important because many exercises make it almost impossible to follow the screen, at least without significant tension.

Let’s Get Fit (Nintendo Switch) in the test: fitness fiasco or training dream?

Let’s get fit: good ideas, mixed execution.

© ingame.de

With years of experience in competitive sports and doing regular HIIT workouts, I was very excited to see what Let’s Get Fit really had to offer on the Nintendo Switch. However, in the end, the result is mixed and it is necessary to differentiate between two potential target groups: beginners and professionals.

The extensive content, as well as the solid implementation of exercises and various tutorials, provide decent added value. Users know the exercises well, the difficulty levels stack up well with each other, and regular use of Let’s Get Fit can definitely improve your fitness level considerably. That’s why Let’s Get Fit is especially recommended for beginners.

If you already do regular workouts and train at a higher level, you will most likely be disappointed. Apart from the lack of the opportunity to create completely individual workouts, I have no idea why this is not possible, there are also many other obstacles in the room. For example, many exercises are already completed before the affected body part begins to burn.

The lack of many acoustic signals during exercises and the compulsion to use the joycons are also drawbacks. Finally, it can be said that Let’s Get Fit can definitely increase one’s fitness level and also seems very solid, but due to many limitations, the title is only recommended on a limited basis for training fans.

By cons
+ Ideal for beginners – For professionals with many obstacles
+ Lots of exercises – JoyCon mandatory
+ WarmUps get ready for workouts… – … which are too short – Risk of injury!
+ Motivation through challenges and 30-day training – Individual workouts cannot be created.
+ It really helps you get in shape! – Calorie consumption is completely miscalculated

List of rubrics: © Voxler

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