LifeFit Group and EGYM CEOs discuss digitization in the fitness industry

Study networks, industry trends and member loyalty: Martin Seibold (CEO LifeFit Group) and EGYM CEO and co-founder Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer exchanged views on these and other current issues in the fitness industry and health. The conversation is part of the new “EGYM Experts” series and was captured in three videos.

Two CEOs exchange ideas: Martin Seibold (left, LifeFit Group) and Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer (EGYM) on current topics in the fitness and health industry.

how can you do that team in the club network with consumers at home? As a holistic user experience form? And how do you manage it at the same time, the people go back to school and bring their experience there to the apps so they can play their Digital training tracking be able? (Also read: ‘Digitization potential’)

Three videos to start

Martin Seibold, CEO of the LifeFit Group, and Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, co-founder and CEO of the Munich Sportstech EGYM company, have these questions as part of the new series. EGYM experts discussed. You can see the result in the following three videos. The first of these is above Germanthe other two are in English language.

The two company bosses were relieved that after two years in crisis mode look forward again Let’s go. The industry is becoming very professional. digitization is an important element, as is the theme specialization.

Growth potential in the spotlight

Martin Seibold said: “Previously there was, to put it bluntly, a single offerand they all ran. This day exist countless types of clubs. The Life Fit Group is a growth platformwho watched closely in which market segments the trends develop towards So: Where is the greatest growth potential? And that’s exactly where we’re going.” (Also worth reading: ‘LifeFit Group is expanding’)

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The clear focus is now on the member needs. “The fitness industry was in the past very strong sales oriented; meanwhile she is playing Member retention plays a much bigger role“, says Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer. (Also interesting: ‘Member recruitment and retention in times of COVID-19’)

Deployment almost complete

The two executive directors spoke extensively about the process of the Implementation of the first EGYM devices at Fitness First in Mannheim until almost complete deployment in almost all clubs of the brand belonging to the LifeFit Group.

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“Because we had to mentally introduce our employees to this world first,” he said. Initially a bit long process, according to Martin Seibold. In the correct and standardized addressing of members However, I have the EGYM Trainer app with its task chains. rendered valuable services. (Also read: ‘We motivate people’)

The perfect time

It’s working now, “and we have it in our DNA!“, explains Martin Seibold. It was the right time to complete the EGYM ecosystem with the Smart Strength devices after the successful use of the applications for coaches and members. meanwhile they also come many new clients through the fitness network of the company qualitrain to Fitness First.

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With look to the future both interlocutors expressed their wish that the fitness and health industry work together to be more successful. According to Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, it is not about taking one more millimeter from the other, but about “the ideal world for a gym membermeet. (Also worth reading: ‘Leadership Quartet’)

“At the end of the day, we all want people to be healthier. And our two companies will also play their part and succeed.”

Martin Seibold, CEO of the LifeFit Group

Therefore, it is also completely fine for him that from the collaborative approach not so innovative benefited competitors.

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