Lose belly fat faster with these 5 methods

Fitness trainer and influencer Max Posternak shares five ways to lose belly fat faster. Certain techniques and the combination of different methods are crucial.

Many people are already familiar with the dilemma: losing fat in a specific part of the body is almost impossible, because where the weight is lost first and last is different for each individual. One area where many find it difficult to lose fat is in the abdomen. However, fitness expert and founder of the Gravity Transformation workout website Max Posternak has a few methods up his sleeve that can increase your overall fat loss and therefore help you lose belly fat faster. He already inspires more than five million people on his YouTube channel with exciting sports tips and effective training instructions. FITBOOK has analyzed five of its proven recommendations for optimized training against annoying hip gold.

1. The action training of the peripheral heart.

One of his first methods to lose fat faster and ideally also abdominal fat is the so-called “peripheral heart action training”. Here, upper and lower body exercises are performed alternately without having to reduce the amount of weight lifted. Peripheral cardio training is similar to regular circuit training, alternating from one exercise to the next with little or no rest in between.

The best way to use this training method is to combine an upper body move and a lower body move in one set. Combining two exercises that work opposing muscles, such as squats and hamstrings or biceps and triceps, is also ideal. For example, a set of bench presses can be followed by a set of squats, followed by a rest. This increases your heart rate and breathing, and burns more calories. “You don’t get weak, but you can burn a lot more calories and do a lot more in less time,” Posternak explains in a YouTube video. The short breaks between sets also create a great afterburn effect, so fat burning remains active for many hours after the training plan is finished.

See the overview of Posternak’s abdominal fat loss exercises in the following video:

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2. Cardio acceleration training

Cardio acceleration training is also among Posternak’s methods to lose belly fat faster. Here two training methods are combined by performing a strength exercise in such a way that you also train endurance. For example, you can do a heavy barbell squat for about a minute, followed by a short rest. Repeat this three to six times. Caution is advised here, though, as a lot can go wrong with squats, even without dumbbells.

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3. Multi-joint training

The best methods for burning more calories and losing belly fat are ones that involve many different muscles and areas of the body, such as “compound exercises.” Two or more joints are moved, such as squats (joints involved: ankle, knee, hip) and push-ups (wrist, elbow, shoulder). However, in machine strength training, most devices only allow single-joint exercises (for example, leg extensions or abduction machines). Therefore, it makes sense to focus squarely on the limited number of multi-joint machines (leg press, chest press, lat pulldown, row, shoulder press) in the gym.

The deadlift is also an excellent example of this training method, which is used to greatly enhance fat burning. However, other exercises can also be added here and combined with each other to make the movements an even more “articulate” workout. For Max Posternak, this technique is one of the best ways to lose fat or belly fat faster. For example, you can pick up a regular barbell and then combine it with a burpee and push-ups after you lower it. Other Posternak ideas include barbell squats and overhead presses or lunges with lateral raises.

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4. Downhill training

This method is an advanced resistance training technique in which a set is performed to exhaustion, that is, to the inability to complete another repetition. Then reduce the load by 10 to 30 percent and then repeat the series. However, there is little to no rest between sets. The goal is to maximize potential muscle gains.

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5. Circuit training

The last good exercise to lose fat faster, and therefore belly fat, is circuit training. Once again, there are different types. The best technique, according to Max Posternak, is to combine five exercises in one big set. He does this by setting an interval timer from 40 to 60 seconds, followed by a 10 second ‘conversion’. That is, those ten seconds are used to move on to the next exercise. The five exercises should be performed one after the other with no rest in between. A break, optimally 90 seconds, follows here only when you’ve finished all five exercises. Then the same set is repeated.

If you integrate some of these methods into your training plan and carry them out regularly, you will quickly get results and finally declare war on pesky hip gold.

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