Make Your Summer Workout Even More Fun With These 5 Fitness Trends

Many hours of sunshine, good weather: We love outdoor sports in summer. If you don’t just want to go for a run or a swim, you should read on now, because there are some big fitness trends this summer that are fun and get you moving.

Not only that, but exercising outdoors is also really healthy for the body, and it’s even more fun with the following trends. This summer we combine two sports in one. This is how, for example, SUP yoga or paddle tennis is created.

1. Keep your balance with SUP Yoga

You can see them in the bathing lakes or in the sea for several years: stand-up paddling (SUP) has long been one of the most popular summer activities. SUP strengthens muscles throughout the body, a study shows.

The combination of SUP and yoga goes further and makes the training much more intense. The name already gives it away: you stand or sit on the SUP board and do yoga exercises there. Keeping balance is tricky. If it doesn’t work, it’s not that bad either, because then cold water is waiting for you with a soda. Perfect for hot days!

3. Uphill and downhill trail running

This combined sport is interesting for everyone who likes running. Do you love your jogging route, but also fancy a change? Then you should try trail running.

Instead of on paved roads, trail running is all about nature. The more stamina you have, the more hills or even real mountains you can integrate into your run.

The new views while running are not only fun, but also increase your motivation. And thanks to the natural surface and possible obstacles, you not only train your endurance, but also your ability to concentrate.

4. Perfect for four friends: paddle tennis

Paddle tennis is ideal if you are looking for a sporting activity for your group of friends. In paddle tennis they play doubles against each other. It differs from tennis in that the field of play is surrounded by walls. You can use these, similar to pumpkin.

In addition, paddle tennis is quite fast: the balls buzz back and forth between the fields. This increases your reaction speed.

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5. Luxury Walk: Hot Girl’s Summer Walk

This trend is on everyone’s lips, especially on TikTok and Instagram. The Hot Girl Summer Walk is all about making walking a habit in your daily life. For a proper sporty feel, you can celebrate the next ride with a nice sporty outfit.

Is going for a walk too boring for you? Then put on your headphones, audiobook, or podcast, and it gets that much more exciting. A daily walk does wonders for your body.

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