McFIT ups the 1.4. prices for members and new customers

Fitness training at McFIT will cost significantly more in the future, the fitness chain informed its members in an email circular. The premium increases from EUR 19.90 (Basic) to EUR 24.90 (Flex Classic rate). Reason: The corona pandemic and its effects on the economy. The good news: In the future, McFIT trainers will receive more for their contribution. The bad news: The price increase affects new and existing customers alike.

Price increase at McFIT: The fitness chain significantly increases the membership fee.

The most important facts in summary:

  • The fitness chain McFIT sent an email to its members through a Price adjustment from April 1, 2022 informed.
  • The company justifies this step with the economic impact of the pandemic.
  • Consequently, both the flex (no runtime) as well as the standard contract (term of 12 months) in the classic version in the future €24.90 in the month (+25 percent).
  • After the end of promotional period (until April 12, 2022 inclusive, during which time the activation fee from EUR 39) “Flex Classic” costs EUR 34.90 per month.
  • McFIT also promises its loyal members in the future “more power” for their contributions to offer, such as training at John Reed or Gold’s Gym Studios and the friends option (free training support).

Here we go! Background and detailed information:

Whether it’s gasoline, electricity and gas, postage, groceries or other everyday items: everything is getting more expensive these days. Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war raise consumer prices. the Inflation goes up and upExperts from the Ifo Institute raised their forecast for 2022 to 6.1 percent on Wednesday, March 23.

Price adjustment from April 1

Now the price pressure hits them too Members of the McFIT fitness chain (RSG Group GmbH). He shared with them on a night of March 23, 2022. circular mail with that “both” FLEX and fixed-term contracts adjusted to EUR 24.90 Will”.

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The price adjustment will take effect on April 1, 2022. Details on the new Flex and Standard fares it can be found right here on the McFIT website under “Membership.”

Corona pandemic as the cause

The European industry leader has about two million membersso the price increase could possibly Signal character for the entire industry. to have. Because like Reason for the pitch, the company names, among other things, the “Pandemic and them Effects on the economy“.

Due to the changed market environment“Therefore, one is forced to Prices for existing contract model adjust. (Also read: ‘New law for fair consumer contracts: adjust membership contracts now’)

But: many members they also had theirs during the corona pandemic and the studio closures during the two closures Contributions paid for solidarity.

Training under fair conditions

Meanwhile, McFIT itself is forgiving: “We’ve been offering McFIT training on fair terms for 25 years. You are also one today Part of our amazing community and we will continue supporting you, yours achieve sports goals.”

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The company then states in its email that attaches great importance to the loyalty of its members put and this therefore in the future “more efficient” would receive for their contributions. McFIT names the following:

  • The world of sports is getting bigger and bigger: members have access to approx. 300 fitness studios in Europe.
  • With the contract, he will also be able to train at John Reed Category 1 fitness clubs in the future.
  • Members can also visit the level 1 studios of the world’s most iconic fitness brand, GOLD’S GYM, with the contract.
  • with the additional friends option You can bring a training partner with you every weekend for free.
  • As a McFIT member you can added values in the proud club earn and see all the benefits at a glance in the app.

However, one must 25 percent price increase do not make one or the other member happy, especially in the current uncertain situation.

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