milon YOU & Vikomotorik™ in the milongroup and movement concepts at FIBO 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, milongroup presented its new Vikomotorik™ training philosophy for the first time at FIBO in a joint booth with movement concepts. Numerous visitors from the health and fitness industry took the opportunity for a fascinating journey through the worlds of co-training, where they could experience for themselves brain interaction, eye coordination skills, strength and mobility. A highlight and particular attraction was the projection tool milon YOU, which celebrated its world premiere at the leading international trade fair.

milongroup celebrates the return of FIBO with an avalanche of visitors and a new training and stand concept

In more than 440 square meters, milon y cinco presented their new concepts together with the movement in hall 6 holistic training world concept In front. At its center is the Combination of strength, flexibility and cognitive abilities. – a triad for better quality of life in old age.

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Like this one in the fitness and health market. unique interplay of head and body in practice works, they were allowed Trade fair visitors experience “hands on deck”.. From early in the morning to late at night, the milon and the five devices and the skill court tested and trained and exchanged views on the new innovative training concept.

Operators and stakeholders were able to convince themselves that the Vikomotor training attracts all target groups – from young to old, from patients to competitive athletes.

milon YOU as visitor magnet

The entry in this training of the future offers you a million The new The screening tool celebrated its world premiere at FIBO. For the first time, a wide audience was able to experience innovation live. The visitors queued up for jumping or agility testsTest your agility and cognitive-visual skills.

Especially enthusiasm Hit the avatar 3dthe on the big screen as a virtual image of the ego itself appears and supports the students as a motivational coach. Operators were shown on site how create new members quickly and easily, measure them and put them in training It can be.

Other The magnet for attraction was the testing station for muscle function analysis.. Visitors could use the milon leg press. more about sarcopenia (age-related decline in muscle mass) and the associated actual state of your determine muscle performance.

Among the test subjects was also Moderator Steffen Schmidtwho shared with him Cologne sports scientist Prof. Dr. Ingo Frobose stopped at the milongroup booth and recorded what was happening for a news article.

A tool for all ages.

The skill court also captivated visitors. Not only fitness enthusiasts, sportsmen and athletes, but also children and the elderly could in the fascinating tool of the concepts of movement Information on vikomotor training obtain.

“We are almost overwhelmed by how positive the feedback was about our presence at the trade show. After a long time without a leading trade show, it was a great new start.”

Wolf Harwath, CEO of Five Konzept GmbH & Co. KG

harwath wolf, CEO of Five Concept GmbH & Co. KG explains: “You can feel how happy the professional public iswhat are these event returns. And how much everyone is looking for real innovations with added value. The last two years have had in many people increased health awareness, and also because of the fact that you have to train for it. We have the right solutions for this.”

Positive conclusion of FIBO 2022

“Of the FIBO’s first joint appearance by milon, five and movement concepts all a success. Beforehand, it is true that we were somewhat skeptical about the fair under the current sign can meet high expectations“, adds Bernd Reichle, CEO of milon Industries GmbH.

Reichle further: “But that great response from the fitness and health community from home and abroad has shown how important and successful was our presence here. With milon YOU and our training worlds, we certainly have one of the The highlight of the entire fair posed”.


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