More sustainability for patients in physiotherapy

More sustainability for patients! Because the proportion of those who achieve sustained therapeutic success in physiotherapy is very small. Healthcare provider expert Thomas Kämmerling mentions two reasons for this and presents two possible solutions.

Offer physiotherapy patients appropriate treatment

Surveys as part of my work as an expert for health providers have shown that only 14 percent of patients Only for him Physiotherapy treatment an sustainable therapeutic success attain. 86 percent I only have one Little or even no sustainable therapeutic success. Why is that?

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Bottleneck 1: Time

It is in no way due to therapeutic measures. the general conditions for patients, therapists and Practice they often leave no choice but a symptom treatment for. In 20 minute treatment it is none enough time for one deep root cause analysis one more proper treatment and diagnosis.

Bottleneck 2: personal responsibility

The second bottleneck is found in the patients themselves. Many of my colleagues give it Patients diligently doing their homework. on my way. The order is always the same: “Please do this at home in addition to therapy through.”

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However, reality shows that this standalone implementation only for the patients rarely happens. Necessary individual responsibility for sustainable behavior change He is lost.

Solution 1: more time = more success

To solve the problem of “resource time“To solve, we must as end of therapy or as a closed practice team, patients illuminate better. Patients must understand that primary care via Health insurance often no longer like one treatment success “sufficient” provides.

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Paragraph 12 paragraph 1 SGB V: “The Services I have to sufficient, adequate and economical be; they are allowed to do that Do not exceed what is necessary“. AN optimal and sustainable treatment success is already included in the basic service by definition not provided.

That’s why one has to systematic recommendation structure set up for receptionists and therapists. patients in need and Desire for more therapy time should this like Autopayer: internal service recommended and made available will be.

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In practice, the therapist has, for example, six times 40 minutes of time for patients. This not only allows for better root cause analysis, but also creates Cornerstones for sustainable efficacy of therapy.

Solution 2: Personal Liability Under Supervision

The personal responsibility of patients can be increased by additional treatment time for that purpose supports that together with the therapists “training” routines. And this is exactly where the next important step for the success of sustainable therapy comes in: the recommendation of a active training therapy as a self-pay service.

Now it is important to give the patient this Recommended structured area. Thus, together with the therapists, they have the opportunity to do what is so important Personal responsibility for a more active life under the guidance sustained in his integrate into everyday life.

to person:

Thomas Kammerling is a physiotherapist, expert for health providers of the DSSV e. V., Physio Specialist at Experts Alliance for Health e. V., international speaker on the topic of performance communication and managing director of KWS GmbH.

Email: [email protected]


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