Myzone keeps the fitness community motivated with status badges

Even More Motivation to Keep Moving Forward: As announced at IHRSA 2022, Myzone has now extended status badges after ‘Hall of Fame’ status for another ten years.

Check Status During Training: Myzone User Badges Extended for Ten Years.

Welcome to the Fitness Hall of Fame: With the Inducted into his ‘Hall of Fame’ Myzone want all those reward peoplethat move more. The company has now announced that it will give the Myzone app ten more years of status levels, like badges. Rock star, icon and legend – additional.

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“The ‘Hall of Fame’ consists of the the most dedicated Myzone engines. People regularly ask us what happens after achieving Hall of Fame status,” said Leon Rudge, Global Product Manager at Myzone. Now the company has the answer. (Also read: ‘National Fitness Games’)

Respond to community comments

Leon Rudge explains: “We not only follow our own development planbut also always listen to the Myzone community and respond when there is identify clear trends in feedback“.

With the current status update, all those athletes who have already been inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ now have the opportunity to to enjoy another decade full of motivation and fun in training.

Leon Rudge: “With the last Extensions to our applicationthat we launched at IHRSA, we are delivering to the entire Myzone community An objectivecontinue with physical activity struggle even if he’s already in the Hall of Fame.”

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How does Myzone status work?

Of state of my area based on how many months in a row the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends. physical activity requirements achieved, that is, at least 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

Keep users moving

Previously, as soon as an athlete entered the ‘Hall of Fame‘ reached, she could :er do not stay behind. The update of the application and the added status badge now offers new motivation and new goals to keep users moving for longer. “For the next ten years, when more people enjoy exercise,” says Leon Rudge.

details and More information More information on the different status levels can be found here on the Myzone website.


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