Optimize your fitness in a relaxed way with recovery workouts

recovery workouts
How to boost your training with active rest

Sporty woman with band |  Recovery Workouts: How to Optimize Your Fitness with Active Recovery

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We all need a break and our body is no exception. The solution: recovery workouts. How they can help you with training and what you have to take into account.

Recovery Training – That sounds like a contradiction in terms. Because “recovery” means recovery and “training” means a training session. Like right now? Are we resting now, or are we training? Both! Because after an intense workout, our body needs time to regenerate. And he does it even better with a smooth movement than with the TV on the sofa.

What exactly are recovery workouts?

Recovery workouts are light sports units that you can perfectly incorporate into your “rest day”, that is, your rest day between intensive training sessions. Our body needs to rest after a hard workout. He benefits the most from this in the form of silent motion units that stretch the muscles and gently challenge them. In this way, the muscles are well supplied with blood and remain flexible and can ultimately be better strengthened with active training. A positive side effect: you can use it to relieve sore muscles.

perfect is adequate yoga or stretching as a recovery workout. Because the combination of conscious strengthening exercises and stretching poses has a relaxing and stimulating effect at the same time. But also To swim can be a good recovery drive. Here, of course, you have to make sure not to exhaust yourself in the water, but to swim a few lengths in a relaxed manner.

who foam roll you can also use it very well for your recovery training. The fascia and muscles benefit optimally from the intensive massage and are thus perfectly prepared for the next demanding training session.

By the way, the simplest variant for a recovery workout is a walk. Depending on how hard you train, it can be a bit faster. This gently activates the circulation, activates the muscles, but without exhausting yourself.

What to watch out for during light training sessions?

Recovery workouts are all about balance. They are a perfect balance for strenuous sports sessions and give our body a well-deserved rest, which it needs to stay fit and healthy. It is important that we only do light training and not overdo it.

If you previously did a very intense workout, it may also be a good idea to take a break from training for not just one, but two or even more days. The bottom line is: you really should use recovery training for regeneration, and not approach it with performance in mind.

Sources used: healthline.com, justmoving.de


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