Pamela Reif & Willi Whey: Video Fuels Love Rumors

“Is it finally official?”

Fans of fitness influencer Pamela Reif and TikTok star Willi Whey have long suspected something was up between the two. A new video on Instagram now heats up rumors of love again. “Is it finally official?” many users want to know. We have the clip and the reactions here for you.

Pamela Reif and Willi Whey do Bonnie & Clyde

Fitness queen Pamela Reif has been appearing with Willi Whey on social media for some time. After immigrating to Ibiza, the TikTok star even visited her at her new home. Fans have long suspected that something could happen between the two. You can find more here. Now, a new video on Instagram is heating up the rumors again. Pamela Reif and Willi Whey drive across the country in a car in the clip. À la Bonnie and Clyde, the two introduce themselves on Instagram and Willi Whey writes, “You can go fast, but we can go anywhere” (Translation: “You can be fast, but we can go anywhere”).

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Users are sure: Pamela and Willi are together!

The video on Instagram is already hotly debated. Does the short clip mean that Pamela Reif and Willi Whey are officially dating now? Some fans are pretty sure about that. “It’s official now,” states one user. “Who needs ‘official’ more? – no one who has eyes,” writes one user. Another user addresses the fitness queen directly on Instagram: “Pamela, you really can’t fool us anymore, my love. ‘Sports buddies’? Really?” Ever since the rumors started, Pamela Reif has been saying that she and Willi Whey are just friends who like to play sports together. Some users no longer believe that.

Others no longer seem to question the fact that Pamela and Willi are together. “Simply a dream couple”, “Couple goals” or “Dreamteam”, they write in the comments column.

However, other fans are still waiting for an official love to come out. “Finally make it official, I can’t take it anymore”, writes one, “I’m just waiting for it to be made public”, another.

That’s what Pamela Reif says about love rumors

Pamela Reif told “Promilfash” in mid-August 2022 that she and Willi Whey are not a couple. “We just get along really well, but there’s nothing that needs to be made public,” was her comment on the love rumors. Has anything changed so far? Many of her fans would not be surprised.

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