Pixel Watch in the test: Google is reaching the throne of smartwatches


Google makes its debut in the smartwatch market with the Pixel Watch. You can find out in our test why the watch with the crown knocks the Galaxy Watch off the throne.

Google Pixel Watch: all the data on the launch, price and features in the test

Google Pixel Watch: all the data on the launch, price and features

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strong debut

The Pixel Watch is a round thing in all respects. The design is simple but elegant and goes well with a sports shirt or a fine suit. Pure WearOS is a comfortable and well-thought-out operating system that convinces even without an additional surface. And with the knowledge of Fitbit, Google has chosen the right partner for fitness fanatics. A strong debut, well worth the wait.

we liked that

  • Elegant design
  • Adequate battery life for everyday use
  • Pure WearOS
  • Lots of fitness features

we didn’t like that

  • Just one size that may seem too small for large wrists
  • Commercial bracelets will not fit.
  • scope of delivery

current news

A Google smartwatch has been hinted at several times in recent years. At least since the Apple Watch, such a device has always been the subject of rumours. This has also been the case in recent months, when the tenor enthusiastically oscillated between “busted pipe” and “luxury watch”.

Now it’s here and the expectations couldn’t be higher. In our test, you can find out why the wait was worth it and why the Google Pixel Watch deserves its rightful place on the throne of Android smartwatches.

Design and processing: A round thing, literally

The Google Pixel Watch could also have been called “Pixel Drop”. Because once placed on the wrist, the smartwatch looks like a large drop of water that snuggles against you and, if you wish, shows the time.

The curved glass surface is embedded in a glossy aluminum frame, available in glossy or matte black, polished silver, or rose gold. A crown and an operation button are embedded in it and are easily accessible. Body sensors are integrated into the side of the stomach.

The watch alone measures 41 x 41 x 12.3 millimeters and weighs 39 grams, dimensions that might seem a bit small for larger wrists. The workmanship is impeccable and robust. The Pixel Watch is IP68 certified and can therefore easily be worn for swimming in the water. Gorilla Glass 5 is also used.

Google Pixel Watch in pictures

According to the manufacturer, the pre-assembled wristband is made of fluoroelastomer plastic. It looks very sporty and is comfortable on the skin. Since the bracelet is attached to the watch via a bayonet clasp, it unfortunately cannot mount a watch strap, as is the case with Samsung smartwatches.

However, Google itself offers a variety of alternative wristbands, and the third-party marketplace will do the rest. The attachment itself is reliable and tight.

The complete scope of delivery - without adapter.

The complete scope of delivery – without adapter. (Source: Netzwelt)

Scope of supply: Isn’t something missing?

The scope of supply of the Pixel Watch is functional. In addition to the watch, you will receive a charger and a second bracelet in size S. Of course, the packaging also contains the usual documents for instructions and warranty.

What you don’t get, however, is a compatible USB-C charging adapter. Because the charging cable ends in a USB-C connector. If you don’t have one, you can’t help but buy one.

Screen: clear and clear

The Pixel Watch is equipped with a powerful AMOLED screen that measures 1.2 inches. In direct comparison with the basic version of the main competitor, the Galaxy Watch 5, it is 0.01 inches larger. Fears that were expressed beforehand that Google might incorporate too small a screen were not realized.

With a resolution of 450 x 450 pixels, the watch offers even better image quality than Samsung’s competition. At 1,000 nits, or 1,000 times the brightness of a candle, the watch is easy to read at any time of day.

In short, the presentation fully meets our expectations. Watchfaces, photos that can be set as wallpaper from the phone on the screen, and all the Google features look great.

Performance: hardware and software in harmony

Google Watch does not use a Tensor chipset, as expected after the launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7. Instead, the Exynos 9110, a Samsung product, is used. South Koreans don’t use it in their own smartwatches. The watch is accompanied by 2 gigabytes of RAM.

However, Google did a good job of matching the software to the hardware of the watch. At all times, the Pixel Watch offers smooth performance. Wait times are not noticeable between menu changes or when opening applications.

You can choose between an LTE and WLAN version of the watch. The Pixel Watch is also equipped with GPS and NFC. With the latter you can enjoy the advantages of contactless payment through Google Pay. Once configured, it works flawlessly on the vast majority of POS systems.

memory device

The watch offers 32 gigabytes of device memory. Not only the operating system is stored here, but also the smartwatch versions of your apps. You can also save a limited number of files here, for example songs from a streaming service provider’s playlist such as Spotify.

This allows you to use your watch well when your cell phone is not in your pocket. Very useful when you go jogging and you have left your smartphone at home. Your collected data will be synced to the cell phone when reconnected.

operating system and function

The watch is equipped with WearOS. The operating system was developed by Samsung and Google in cooperation and the Pixel Watch is the third smartwatch with this operating system after the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5.

As with the other models, the watch is characterized by a high level of user-friendliness in terms of operation. On the Pixel Watch, however, the operating system ships for the first time without Samsung’s OneUI overlay.

The difference is immense. Because the watch looks more open than on Galaxy models, many of which can only be used in pre-installed Samsung apps. You can only use them through a Samsung account, which is kept up to date through the separate Samsung store, which is only available on Samsung smartphones.

For the Pixel Watch you use a Account, your Google account, for all logins and watch functions. Each additional registration, like for Fitbit, is optional. And even that will be gone after 2023, because then Fitbit will be taken over by Google for new customers.

The watch can be operated with the crown. And that works extremely well. If you turn the knob, you’ll scroll through the menus with ease and get very nice and direct feedback. This makes operation very intuitive and works great even with wet fingers.

The Pixel Watch is equipped with a 294 milliamp hour (mAh) battery. For comparison: the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 in the same device size have 247 mAh and 284 mAh respectively.

While the first Watch 4 didn’t exactly stand out as a marathon runner, the Pixel Watch actually lasted longer than Google promised. Our daily use, with all standard features and Fitbit enabled, offers around 32 hours of use before the watch runs down to 20 percent.

This is still a long way from the Galaxy Watch 5’s runtime of 2.5 to 3.5 days. However, 32 hours is a respectable value and more than enough for many everyday situations.

Once the battery runs out, you can’t just recharge the watch with the included charger. The watch can also be quickly “powered” back up using the inductive technology in the Pixel Stand and the “Battery Sharing” feature, if available on your cell phone. This usually takes no more than an hour and a half.

Fitness Equipment: Supervised by the experts.

Google relies entirely on Fitbit for the fitness and health features of the Pixel Watch. Both the software and the sensors come from the well-known fitness tracker company, which is one of the major manufacturers and was bought by the internet giant some time ago.

The Fitbit app is offered directly when you set up your watch, so you don’t need to install the app first. The app and the sensors are well coordinated. This is reflected in the accurate heartbeat measurement, sleep analysis and training recognition.

This has a number of advantages for users. For one thing, athletes who previously wore a Fitbit watch can seamlessly continue to use their training data on the watch. On the other hand, you benefit from the vast amount of data that the service has accumulated over the years in terms of training recommendations and a healthy lifestyle.

A third advantage that should not be underestimated is this: the Pixel Watch with Fitbit and optionally Google Fit are open to all Android users. No additional apps such as a separate browser or app store are needed here like on the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5. You’ll get the full fitness package delivered right out of the box with no detours.

Google Pixel Watch: all the data on the launch, price and features

Google Pixel Watch: all the data on the launch, price and features

editorial rating 9.0 reader rating

No ratings yet

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More information.

You do not agree? Are you looking for suitable alternatives? An extensive list of Google Pixel watches – we’ve got all the facts about the launch, price and equipment alternatives ready for you in our smartwatch overview.

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