Polar Pacer Pro – GPS smart sports watch with clever training tools

Regardless of whether you are a demanding amateur athlete or already advanced career– the Polar Pacer Pro* is the running watch that is yours perfect workout can and can help you maximum performance reach. Also everyone who just likes In nature benefit from the various functions of the watch.

The stylish running watch not only supports you with its numerous training functions and by tracking your fitness data, but also always safely leads you to your destination thanks to sophisticated GPS navigation. Heart rate monitor, pedometer and navigation: all this and much more in this running watch. Introducing the Polar Pacer Pro* and tell you why it could be the perfect watch for running it is.

Polar Pacer Pro: the perfect running watch for leisure and training

The Polar Pacer Pro* takes you safely to your destination: because wherever you are, the improved GPS navigation and the Real-time route guidance make sure you always find the right path. through the simple Import from third-party applicationsKomoot, for example, can not only plan excellent hiking routes, but also suitable routes for running and cycling tours.

Passionate athletes will use the watch for running due to its various fitness functions You won’t want to do without it anymore: In addition to recording all relevant physical data, such as your heart rate or steps, your performance can be tracked using the fitness programs increase little by little.

Among other things, the Polar Pacer Pro* can also be used as “running a lab on your wrist” as the functions help to optimize your training. Functions also help here. smart fuel Y power sourcereminding you to stay hydrated or energized to perform at your best.

Discover Polar Pacer Pro now*

Polar Pacer Pro: These are the highlights

The Polar Pacer Pro* is a running watch for everyone those who want to progress in their training. Above all, runners who want to track their sports activities reliably and in detail benefit from the numerous functions of the fitness watch. They not only allow you to accurately measure bodily functions such as your heart rate, but also guide you safely to your destination thanks to reliable navigation even in unfamiliar terrain.

An ingenious function for everyone who likes to exercise outdoors in nature is the Real-time route guidancewho through that improved GPS tracking it is perfected. With that you will be in the color screen paths and routes that you might not have discovered without the Polar Pacer Pro*. With the help of polar flux Third party apps such as Komoot, Strava or other GPX files can be easily imported and used on the watch. Thanks to turn-by-turn navigation your current location on your route is displayed precisely for you and you can see how much of the remaining route you still have ahead of you. However, the running clock also works without any previously imported routes and always reliably shows you the right path. With the new feature Track they will guide you back to your starting point along the same route, without getting lost. The integrated compass.

All athletes also get the tried and tested ones. Polar Training Features benefit, which help you perfect your training. Is irrelevant if you are a complete beginner or a regular runner it’s you – training functions effectively support you in your training and help you keep track of your fitness data. Among other things, the Polar Pacer Pro* has run programs along 5, 10, 21 and 42 kilometers, with which little by little you can approach a marathon. the weekly summaries of your activities it will then give you an overview of your training, your plans and progress. Anyone who needs instructions for their training just use it FitSpark – East personal training guide makes you fitter day by day.

Here are the most important features and functions of the Polar Pacer Pro* at a glance:

  • ultralight: weight only 41 grams
  • Improved GPS tracking through a new antenna design
  • Real-time route guidance
  • Polar Flow – easy import from third-party apps like Komoot or Strava and other GPX files
  • Training functions: race programs, fitness test and other training functions
  • Polar Precision Prime sensor fusion technology: heart rate measurement directly on the wrist
  • personalized recovery and sleep analysis
  • Turn-by-turn navigation (powered by Komoot): Display of current position and remaining route
  • Track Back function: return to the starting point by the same route
  • Music control: smartphone connection – music control without having to operate the smartphone
  • FuelWise smart energy assistant: Reminder to consume water and energy during training sessions
  • Hill Splitter: Ascents and descents log – used for detailed breakdown of all ascents
  • FitSpark: Daily Personal Training Guide
  • weekly summary of workouts, plans and stories
  • Serene Guided Breathing Exercise
  • weather information
  • More features

Discover Polar Pacer Pro now*

Polar Pacer Pro: Is this the right running watch for me?

If you like to do sports and yourself like “frequent runner” or “frequent runner” name, the Polar Pacer Pro* could be the perfect running watch for you. Because the sports watch is easy to use and designed in terms of user interface and still has a lot to offer.

With the help of the training functions, you can overcome your weaker self: the functions help you to slowly but steadily approach regular training. The running watch supports you in the best way and records your fitness data accurately.

Also who likes to be outdoors is and, for example, likes wanders, you are well served with the Polar Pacer Pro*. Thanks to improved GPS navigation and all sorts of handy features, like importing files from apps like Komoot or Strava, you can comfortably navigate your next hike.

Discover Polar Pacer Pro now*

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