Portrait: For the series finale of “Grace and Frankie”: Diva Jane Fonda in portrait

Jane Fonda is one of the Hollywood legends. She is also a fitness idol, activist, and star of the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. The final season begins.

Don’t be fooled by the graces of botox: Even the most beautiful swans in Hollywood had to go through the frustration of “I’m an ugly duckling” before they achieved fame. Jane Fonda, for example, likes to talk in interviews about when she began her transformation: she was then 16 years old and the daughter of a sitting king. Her father, Henry Fonda, smiled at the camera with pale blue eyes in classics like “Play Me the Song of Death” (1968). This father brought together high society, including the Kennedys, and next to these guests, Jane felt very small. Too fat, too childish, she is not worth looking at.

But then Greta Garbo appeared, literally. When the diva of silent and talkies once went swimming with Jane on vacation, Garbo asked, “Do you want to be an actress?” – “No,” said Jane, puzzled. – “You would be quite pretty.” Yes, Fonda became an actress, even beautiful in Hollywood; but she is also a political rebel, a fitness idol and more. A Jane for all occasions, who can now also be seen on Netflix at 84 years old in new chapters of the series “Grace and Frankie”. Who is this woman?

Grace and Frankie: Season 7B, Trailer

With ‘Barbarella’ Jane Fonda became a sex symbol

Jane Fonda first dared in front of the cameras when she was 23 years old, and the blonde quickly showed her natural talent for comedy. But she soon consigned the sci-fi junkie “Barbarella” (1968), an astronaut in sassy space armor, to the “sex symbol” category.

“fun and sexy” drawer? Fonda always cared for more, for criticizing. From the beginning he spoke out for the rights of women, including gays and lesbians when he was still frowned upon, and against the Vietnam War, nicknamed “Hanoi-Jane”. She heralded the receptionists’ revolt against chieftain patriarchy in “Nine to Five” (1980), with Dolly Parton. And today? If Fonda is a Fridays for Future senior, just before her 82nd birthday in 2019, the police even arrested her during the protests.

Jane Fonda became famous as “Barbarella.”

Photo: Mario Torrisi/KEYSTONE (dpa)

Jane Fonda won two Oscars and is considered a fitness icon

Jane, always active: she won the Oscars in 1972 and 1979, but in 1982 she took off her evening dress and put on the tights. Fonda released training VHS tapes. You can gossip about aerobics with a teasing hairstyle. Or she may be surprised that these clips are still considered the fitness standard today. And Fonda hugging the body was also played in theaters in 2005: as a “freak-in-law” he dueled with her daughter-in-law Jennifer Lopez. Eight Watchchn, a box office hit.

Jane Fonda, actress, speaking at the Fire Drill Fridays rally.

Photo: Damian Dovarganes/AP/dpa

Grace and Frankie ends with the seventh season on Netflix

Jane, bluntly: Since 2015 she has been putting her life experience, also from three marriages, into the Netflix series “Grace and Frankie”. Frankie (Lily Tomlin) loves ponchos and hemp products as a casual old hippie, but her friend Grace (Fonda) thinks, “At my age there’s only one speed: breakneck. Of course I don’t call it that. Because it’s a very real fear.”

The seventh season, which can now be streamed, is the last: fun about family, friendship, young lovers and old backaches. “My knees are not mine, my hips are not mine,” Fonda recently joked. But what does a Hollywood swan care?

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