Preparing for a cycling holiday: tips from the mountain bike star

Get on your bike and enjoy a vacation in nature along beautiful mountain routes. It sounds tempting, but it must also be well thought out. Mountain bike star Georg Egger told us how to prepare for a sporting holiday based on your fitness level.

Whether for hiking or cycling: sports trips are very popular. But what should you pay attention to in order to make the sports party a success that brings challenge and fun at the same time? After all, nothing would be more frustrating than having to end your trip early, for example, because you overestimated yourself and reached your physical limits. Georg Egger, who recently won the world’s toughest mountain bike race, the Cape Epic, with his teammate Lukas Baum, gave some valuable tips for preparing and organizing a cycling holiday in the FITBOOK interview.

How do you physically prepare for a cycling holiday?

Before you start your cycling holiday, you need to train. But what exactly should this preparation for the cycling holiday look like? To the gym or rather to nature? The latter is what mountain biker Georg Egger recommends in an interview with FITBOOK. “You definitely have to prepare well, but if you’re just riding daily stages just for fun, you don’t need any special training beforehand. In the end, most people certainly don’t have time for that,” Egger explains. He recommends: “But you should have ridden once or again before during the time that there are going to be the stages you plan to do on the trip. You should have sat on the bike up to that point to know how it feels and not to completely overdo it.”

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In addition, Egger recommends yoga and back-strengthening exercises to keep you fit for hours on the bike. “I wouldn’t recommend extreme strength training right now. You don’t need that to ride a bike.”

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What should you eat during a cycling holiday?

According to Egger, nutrition on the ride itself is at least as important as physical preparation.”You definitely have to make sure you’re getting plenty of carbs during the stages,” Egger emphasizes in the FITBOOK interview, revealing how he and his riding buddy team Lukas Baum limits himself to eating and drinking during the race: “We have, p. For example, everyone ate 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour of running. That’s as much as about 100 grams of uncooked rice. We take that in the form of muesli bars and ‘iso drinks’. You definitely have to do that, because otherwise you’re going to run out of storage at some point.”

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Amateur athletes, of course, could take it much more relaxed than professional cyclists who wear themselves out in hard races: “You can also have cake in a bakery after an hour or two. Drinking apple soda regularly is also good.” In general, and especially in summer, Georg Egger recommends drinking a lot. “Also, add enough salt if you sweat a lot,” says Egger.


Duration of vacations, stages and breaks

The planning of the stages is also part of the optimal preparation for a cycling holiday, which must run without unpleasant surprises. This is Egger’s motto: “Cycling holidays should be adjusted according to fitness.” Therefore, it is important to assess yourself, your fitness, and his abilities realistically. “You can definitely ride a lot for two weeks,” explains the professional cyclist. “I wouldn’t drive every day, but schedule a rest day every four or five days. In the stages you can do up to 200 kilometers if you are really fit, but as a beginner I would aim for a maximum of 100 kilometers per day.

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