Pure strength training at the World Gym Legacy

Real, authentic strength training without a lot of frills. This is exactly what the new concept of World Gym Legacy represents, which trainers and franchise partners should offer new opportunities in the future. World Gym CEO Jarrod Saracco provided the first exclusive insights into the new studio concept and explained the benefits.

New Franchise Concept: Pure Strength Training at World Gym Legacy

World Gym International LLC is with over 200 fitness studios worldwide on six continents and offers franchise partners under the banner “Ultimate Fitness” different studio and brand concepts in.

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In addition to the classic multi-fitness concept, there is now World Gym Legacy another study concept at the starting blocks, which open new target groups Y New opportunities for franchisees should offer.

Back to the roots of strength training

The new concept sets the Focus on pure strength training without a lot of frills. For performance-oriented strength athletes, powerlifters and ambitious fitness athletes, such professional and motivating training environment develop, It offers everything in a small space.

“If you want to train hard and get results, you’re in good hands at the new World Gym Legacy.”

Jarrod Saracco – CEO World Gym

In a Area of ​​about 700 to 1000 square meters will be many in the future high quality weight machines, power racks, free weights as well as a functional training area including lawn are available.

There will only be a few cardio machines to warm up and cool down. (Also worth reading: ‘Tips for correct regeneration’)

Benefits for franchisees

Due to the new and optimized training areas offers World Gym Legacy for franchisees numerous advantages.

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via manageable floor space of the study concept Investment, rental and energy costs are significantly lowerthan in the classic large-area World Gym studio.

“This new model enables greater operational efficiency and a faster return on investment, allowing new franchisees to enter the fitness industry with less financial commitment.”

Jarrod Saracco – CEO World Gym

According to the company, the first legacy studios expected in Q1 2023 open in the US You can learn more about World Gym’s individual franchise opportunities here.

Another highlight is the selfie room.

As an added highlight, each studio is equipped with a own selfie room equipped. There, trainees have the opportunity to In order to optimally present training hits for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Co. – without disturbing other members.

The new studio concept is a another important component in the context of expansion plans from World Gym and one at the same time Tribute to founder Joe Goldwho laid the foundations for the chain’s current success with his idea in 1976.

More about the subject: ‘Legendary: The ‘Ur’-Gym’ and ‘Pumping Iron – Modern Strength Training & Bodybuilding’

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