Quick fitness mix is ​​so effective and sweaty.

Don’t you know Piloxing? Years ago, this sport spread to us as a fitness trend. The mix is ​​now becoming more and more popular. If you want to know if piloxing is right for you, here are the frequently asked questions.

1) What is Piloxing?

Piloxing is a mix of dance, boxing and Pilates. The fitness mix combines the powerful and fast movements of boxing with the aesthetic and subtle exercises of Pilates. Everything is complemented with a lot of good humor and swaying of the hips while dancing.

Overall, it’s a sweaty interval workout that provides many benefits:

  • burn calories
  • Strengthen muscles
  • body firming
  • The cardiovascular system is strengthened
  • Flexibility, mobility and endurance are promoted.
  • Deeper muscle groups and posture improve

The phases between the boxing and Pilates units alternate, sometimes mix and become real coordination challenges.

2) What exercises are mainly performed in piloxing?

Piloxing is done differently depending on the trainer and the studio. But one of the main pillars of piloxing is Pilates. The exercises, now around 100 years old, ensure good posture, a tight stomach and a strong back.

The boxing elements perfectly complement the Pilates exercises. Here the muscles of the upper body, the legs and above all the coordination are trained.

3) How effective is piloxing?

The average consumption of calories per hour is about 600 kcal!

Combining elements of boxing and Pilates, piloxing is definitely a tough, full-body exercise that engages the entire body.

Depending on the sports unit, gloves can also be used, which increase the muscle-building effect of the arms.

Dance interludes provide more fun. Because the typical piloxing is trained with special music that keeps you in a good mood. The stimulating sound creates a great atmosphere and also helps you persevere. These are mostly chart hits, but without vocals, so concentration on the moves isn’t disturbed.

4) Who invented piloxing?

The new sports crossover was developed by the Swedish Viveca Jensen. She is a professional dancer, Pilates and personal trainer, and amateur boxer and owns her own gym in Los Angeles.

Jensen invented piloxing for women with the goal of increasing their physical and mental strength. It is not just about pure physical training for the body, but above all about promoting self-confidence and improving body awareness.

Check out a piloxing session from inventor Viveca Jensen below:

After regular training sessions, course participants experience the transformation of their body into a dream figure, true to the motto “Sleek. Sexy. Powerful”, as promised by Jensen.


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