Rafael Nadal at French Open before semi-finals against Alexander (Sascha) Zverev – What’s behind his injuries – French Open – Tennis

On tiptoe, with crooks’ ladders, or simply by squinting through a crack: dozens of observers tried to catch at least a little of what Rafael Nadal was doing in the largely isolated training grounds in the John Bouin-Training center thus manufactured. Simple: viewers saw a lot because of the privacy screen not far from the system open french Nope.

That was already the case on the Monday before the quarterfinals when Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev worked side by side on the niceties and it didn’t change on Thursday either. Only the Mallorcan and the German tennis flagship remained behind her statements-Win against Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz left. Nadal, who has been his boss for years, avoids his opponents before a duel if possible. that’s pretty manageable John Bouin– Training camp but not so easy. So, Nadal started the training session ahead of his 15th French Open semi-final an hour before Zverev and only in the presence of a few Spanish reporters who were allowed to follow Nadal’s usual high intensity.

Zverev was at least able to hear the half hour that overlapped between the two opponents from a distance. Loud moans and long utterances from a man soon to be 36, even at the end of a nearly 90-minute session after nearly two weeks of climbing. grand slam-Tennis. If the German wants to stand a chance against the record winner in Paris (13 titles) on Friday (June 3), he must not be fooled by the narrative that Nadal is at a disadvantage and is not at full capacity.

Nadal and the Müller-Weiss syndrome

On May 12, Nadal had a pained expression on his face. center court dragged from Rome. He lost to the Canadian. Denis Shapovalov. Nadal already stated in 2007 that he suffers from the so-called Müller-Weiss syndrome, in which the bone tissue of the scaphoid of the foot skeleton dies. His uncle and former coach Toni Nadal explained at a press conference in Munich in 2018 that he initially fought the problem with templates. The Spanish newspaperframesnow reports that the insoles caused different strain and knee problems. The constant ignorance of the body’s signals over the years is now having consequences. But there is nothing to see and feel about the highlights of the year.

In 2021, the Spaniard had to finish his season in August and appeared before his fans on crutches in September. However, in early February 2022, he was crowned after a furious race to catch up. champion both australian open already the sole grand slam-Record winner with 21 titles – in a five-set match against Daniil Medvedev, who is almost ten years his junior.

Djokovic on Nadal: “It’s not the first time he’s done this”

It was similar before the French Open: Before the tournament, he confessed that he had suffered a lot, but that he was better. “However, I don’t see myself as a favorite here.” Nadal then defeated Felix Auger Alliassime, who was nearly 15 years his junior, in five sets in the round of 16 and just two days later showed no physical weakness against world number one Novak Djokovic.

After his duel number 59, Djokovic was not surprised that Nadal presented himself without pain: “I didn’t see any problem with it”says the Serbian in an interview with Sportschau. He interrupted a consultation and explained: “I’m not surprised at all. It’s not the first time he’s been 100% fit just a few days after an injury that left him barely able to walk. He’s done it many times in his career.”

Nadal on private doctor: “doing things that help”

Nadal declared in his press conference after the play: “I said in Rome that I will have my doctor with me again here in Paris. That you can do things that will help if he is there. But this is not the time to talk about that.”Nadal said.

the “brand” reports, Nadal’s doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro, who has been working for the Spanish Tennis Federation since the 1992 Olympic Games and before that he also worked in Catalan cycling, gave Nadal guarantees that he will be able to endure the two weeks in Paris. A solution is said to be anti-inflammatory agents; other: simple anesthesia. parrot accompanies Nadal in Paris every day. Nadal is likely to skip the entire grass season; a longer break is also up for debate.

Despite everything, Zverev faces a fully functioning Nadal this Friday, the best player to ever play on clay. 27 players have recorded 110 wins or more in the four major tournaments in history. Only Nadal has that in Paris. In addition to Zverev’s previous good performances, the German can be encouraged by a look at the coaching bench. Sergio Bruguerain Zverev’s team since February, he is currently more Spanish Davis cup-Captain and trained Nadal against Germany in Valencia in 2018. Nadal’s opponent at the time: Alexander Zverev, who had no chance. In a direct comparison, Nadal leads 6: 3.

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