Ready meals can really do that!

Hunger? I’ve put the lion’s share to the test and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. This is how organic stews from the cup really taste!

Anyone who is fit and wants to stay fit pays special attention to their diet. High protein and healthy foods are at the top of the menu.

However, a balanced diet is often difficult to achieve, especially on very stressful days. You like to reach the sauce from the glass: open it, heat it and ready. But that’s not particularly healthy, the food it contains is also highly processed and 99% of the dishes contain table sugar, and quite a lot.

I am currently facing exactly this time challenge. And lo and behold: my problem was recognized. The same day I started looking for extra quick and balanced recipes, I received an ad from Löwenshare.

Of course, that makes me curious and hungry. Can ready meals really be healthy? What makes it different from the others? Time to put the lion’s share to the test and share my experience here.

At the end of the article you will know if Lion’s Share is the right fitness food for you.

You will find out in this post.

What is the lion’s share?

Löwenshare is a manufacturer of ready-to-eat fitness meals in organic quality. The plates are filled in glasses and already come in portions. The food should be on the table in 3 minutes. Everything you need for a fit and healthy body is included. Complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, high protein and fiber content.

There are currently seven different dishes to choose from, four of which are vegan. But soon there will be more, founders Robin and Thomas tell me: “We want to make healthy and natural food possible for everyone and we have adapted our stews to athletes”.

There are 570 grams in a glass, which is enough for two servings with a side dish. The glasses can be stored unchilled in the pantry for a year.

Sounds good at first, right?

If you want, you can take a look at the web here.

Lion's share test report

Proof of my lion’s share

At first glance, that sounds very appropriate to me. Stress at work, training 3 times a week, there should also be some free time left. I’d like to treat myself to these now by putting them away when I cook.

Of course, not only do I eat the lion’s share, but twice a week, when I need to get back to my desk after sports, I open a jar.

For my bulk of the test, I click through to the website. Here you will find a description of each dish and, of course, the list of ingredients. I decide on a colorful mix and choose four of the seven dishes.

My trial pack consists of these vegan fitness dishes:

  1. African Bowl: Vegan Pea-Based Chicken Stew
  2. Vegan Chili: Chili with lots of legumes
  3. Chickpea Curry: Stew with chickpeas and soybean granules
  4. Lentils a la provenzal: tomato and lentil stew with white beans

I can pay with Paypal, credit card, Sofortüberweisung, invoice, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay. I choose the credit card and off we go.

by the way: from 49 euros shipping is free. So it’s worth asking for more. If you like it, you can subscribe later and save 10 percent on the order.

With the discount code “wegowild10” you can save 10% on your order at Löwenshare and see for yourself. The discount will be automatically deducted when you click on this link.

The delivery arrives three days later. Now the evaluation of my lion’s share can really begin.

How do I prepare the dishes?

Take the glass of your choice. Open it and then reheat the dish.

This works in the microwave or in a saucepan. The fastest way is in the microwave. It only takes 5 minutes from when the glass is emptied into the bowl of soup until the first bite is taken. Tip: Don’t forget to use a cover in the microwave; otherwise it can get quite dirty. The dish is ready in 3 minutes at 700 watts.

In the saucepan you have to heat the food stirring constantly so that it does not burn. I add a good sip of water to make it a little smoother. It burns less and garnishes can be better absorbed.

If I were to prepare the dish myself, it would take me at least 40 minutes. On days that are very stressful, this is a great way to save time.

You just have to chill the jars after you’ve opened them. If not, you can store them as usual in the pantry.

How does the lion’s share taste?

Probably the most important part in the lion’s share test, right? So far I’ve only had time to try the chilli and chickpea curry. I really enjoyed these two.

Although I stretched both with a little water and did not eat them “pure”. The dishes are pleasantly tasty. Chili has a slightly spicy note. Since I like it spicy, I spice it up a bit more.

If it wasn’t for the “vegan” chili in the glass, you wouldn’t even know it’s a vegan dish. In our office, carnivores were also allowed to taste and they did not miss their beloved meat.

I eat chili rice and two pieces of curried walnut bread.

Of these two varieties, chili is my favorite. The curry is also very good, but a bit spicy for my taste. Of course, as always, food is a matter of taste.

I can say of both dishes that they are not heavy on the stomach and they fill you up for a long time.

Would I recommend Lion’s Share to my friends? Yes, I would and I will.

I have to try the other two dishes first. I wanted to keep the jars closed because they stay fresh for a year when packed like this.

All dishes come without flavor enhancers or additives. No sugar is added to them and the salt content is also in the normal range.

Is one glass really enough for two servings?

Honestly: Probably not without a side dish. But if you eat something with it, then it is more than enough. Also, I have a salad with every dish. I feel very full. However, for a very tall man, it might be a bit small.

Try these attachments:

  • rice
  • quinoa
  • couscous
  • whole grain bread
  • potatoes
  • wholemeal pasta

This will definitely fill you up. Here in the photo you can see a dish without garnish.

Lion's share experience report

Can you eat the lion’s share cold?

If it has to be quick and there is no time to heat up, you can eat the lion’s share cold. The dishes are already cooked. If you put them in the microwave for 3 minutes, then the point is not to cook them, just to heat them.

If you don’t have a hot plate or microwave handy, you can simply scoop the plate out of the glass with a spoon.

I did the hot and cold lion’s share test for you 😄. And I have to say that even on very hot days, it tastes better slightly warm. The sauce becomes a little more liquid and the flavor comes out better.

How healthy is the lion’s share?

With a meal prepared for athletes who eat healthy, it’s not just the taste that has to be right. That is why it is very important for me in this lion’s share of the experience to say a few words about the nutritional values. On the website you will find nutritional information for each meal and information on how much of your daily requirement one serving covers.

The ingredients of the dishes are certified organic. Manufacturers attach great importance to the fact that there is a good balance between complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. As a result, the dishes provide the right nutrients for your muscles, keep you full for a long time and are ideal for all athletes.

But even if you only play sports in between, you can of course access it. 🙂

How much?

A glass with 570 grams costs 6.99 euros in a big way. If you want, you can put together a test pack of 12 glasses for 79.99 euros and 6.67 euros per glass. So 3.30 euros for main course.

To be honest, I think most of the prices are perfectly fine. Time and time again one stumbles upon reviews saying that the dishes are too expensive. But organic quality costs money. And the taste of healthy ready-to-eat food from the glass is also impressive.

lion's share test

My conclusion

The test from my lion’s share is surprisingly positive. I am always very skeptical about prepared foods and avoid them. But these stews don’t taste like ordinary dishes from the supermarket jar. They could actually be homemade and taste similar to my vegan chili.

Important to know: It is not the objective of the thing that you feed exclusively on it. Because of course that costs a lot of money. Enjoy a salad and side dishes for a better feeling of satiety.

With seven main courses currently, the selection isn’t that big, but that should change soon. Also, you should not eat stews every day, but see them as an alternative when you have to do things very quickly.

A thumbs up from me for that!

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