Regionalliga West: 1. FC Bocholt with false start and physical problems

Two games, two bankruptcies: a gigantic task awaits 1.FC Bocholt in the Regionalliga West. Coach Jan Winking talks about a false start even before the game against Preußen Münster.

After two days 1 FC Bocholt in the Regional League West There are no points in the account yet. Coach Jan winking talks about a false start: “We are not satisfied, that is clear. In general, we still have a lot of work to do to get to the level we need. We also had good phases in both games, but that doesn’t matter at all anymore. zero points after two games against opponents we were definitely counting on.”

Even if the Winking are not satisfied with their team’s performance, important insights can be gleaned from the first few games: “We still don’t have the fitness you need in the regional league. In five weeks of preparation, we just had the whole squad together two weeks”. Despite the initial difficulties, the coach has full confidence in his team: “The quality of the players is still good, we have a lot of experience in the team. If we make fewer mistakes and reach the level of fitness we need, things should improve significantly in the coming weeks.

An illuminated game in Munster is probably the most difficult task you can have

Jan winking

The first chance to make amends awaits on Friday at league favorites Preußen Münster. “Of course we know what to expect. An illuminated game in Munster is probably the most difficult task you can have. We’re really up for it, the pressure is on the Munsters,” explains Winking. “In my opinion, we can be nasty enough to upset a team like that and wear down the opponent. It’s clear that you can’t defend the entire 90 minutes there, we’ll need some luck at half-time and we’ll have to trust our goalkeeper”.

Furthermore, next week will not be an easy task for Bocholt with Wuppertaler SV. Therefore, Wink-Elf runs the risk of prolonging the false start. But the 26-year-old remains positive. “A lot is possible even against Munster and Wuppertal. If we are without points after four games, we will have to question ourselves more towards Düren and Düsseldorf, even if we don’t want to think about it at the moment. But the season is definitely not over after four game days.”


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