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The international guests celebrate the fact that their communities have the same name in traditional Rieden-Treffen. At the event, the people of Rieden show off their physical form.


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06/19/2022 | Starting at 17:34

International guests gathered last weekend at Riedento celebrate together. But the athletic form of the participants was also put to the test at the 26th meeting in Rieden. It was held together with the Rieden music association, which once again invited the Stadlfest after the forced break caused by the coronavirus. Seven communities with the place name Rieden from Germany and the Swiss they have been meeting every two years for 45 years.

laugh at Kaufbeuren organized such a meeting for the fourth time. The area of ​​the sports field was converted into a fairground last weekend. An originally designed beer garden, bouncy castle, marquee, barbecue, drinks and shaded “oases” kept boredom at bay.

Paper plane competition as highlight of the Village Olympics in Rieden-Treff

The highlight of the Village Olympics, in which teams from different communities competed against each other, was the “Manitu” telescopic handler. On his work platform, he raised seven daring men and women to a height of 21 meters so they could drop folded paper airplanes at the teams waiting below. Spectators watched spellbound to see whether or not the flight had been successful. In any case, the airmen in the first part of the team competition would surely receive a thunderous applause.

Live music was featured throughout the weekend: the Rieden-Treffen was held as part of the Rieden Music Association's Stadlfest.

Live music was featured throughout the weekend: the Rieden-Treffen was held as part of the Rieden Music Association’s Stadlfest.

Image: Harald Langer

The royal main day night ended with a stellar march by the Guggenmusi brass bands from Switzerland and bands from Rieden am Forggensee, Mauerstetten, Frankenhofen and Baisweil and ended in the Musikantenstadl of the local music club.

The mayor of Rieden proud of the cohesion in the organization

The municipal councilors and the mayor Inge Weiß were also present for the festival weekend. The latter came out as a fan of Rieden’s meetings. The mayor values ​​above all the connections and personal relationships that are created in this way. The organization of such events is complex and challenging. “And it only works together,” he said.

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Rieden meeting in the eastern Allgäu

That is why the number of inhabitants in Rieden near Kaufbeuren increases at the weekend.

Weiss is proud of the community effort of nearly every local club. This shows that the whole town is behind the campaign, the head of the town hall was pleased to say. The organizer of the show was the “Water Buffalo” association. Its president, Johannes Daser, together with the nine-member festival committee, set the schedule and created the programme. Michael Klebs and Stefan Unsin were particularly supportive.

The guest of honor and oldest visitor comes from Switzerland

Arnold Stümpfli from the “Eastern Swiss Sun Terrace” and Peter Reuter from Rieden in the Eifel participated in the Ostallgäu event as guests of honour. The latter has yet to miss a Rieden meeting. Stümpfli, for his part, is the oldest visitor with his proud 92 years. He is a one hundred percent Riedener in body and soul. He also documented this attitude with a corresponding outfit and probably dressed in a suit and tie had a unique selling point. Both participants were honored with a cup and a recorded vineyard hymn before returning home.

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