Running damages the joints, fat burning only starts after 30 minutes, is that true?

There are many myths about exercise and fitness. But what voices really? Images of IMAGO/YAY

There are also a lot of myths circulating about fitness and sports. Meanwhile, some of this has been repeated so often that it actually should be true. one believes. But often that is not the case.

Much of what is said about exercise and training is just nonsense. We dispel the biggest fitness myths.

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Fitness Myth 1: Fat burning only starts after 30 minutes

You hear that over and over again. Even in many gyms. It’s still nonsense.

Any single exercise burns more fat than resting. It is true that the body obtains its energy from the glucose reserve in case of intense exertion. It empties over time. Fat burning runs at full speed after 20 to 30 minutes. If you want to lose weight, the number of calories burned is crucial. And that works best with short, intense training sessions.

Fitness Myth 2: Jogging Damages Your Joints

That may actually be it. The main factor here is body weight. Every kilo puts a strain on the joints, even when walking. Of course, if you jog, the load will be even greater.

Therefore, overweight people should start their training by walking, swimming or cycling. Later you can switch to jogging.

Basically, the movement during the race produces synovial fluid and the joints are optimally nourished and protected. So jogging is not healthy at all. Only if you are untrained and/or overweight should you start training slowly.

Does running really put pressure on the joints? Images of IMAGO / YAY

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Fitness Myth 3: If you sweat, you’re out of shape

Complete nonsense! In fact, it is quite the opposite: the muscles and cells of trained athletes are more efficient. This is why active people also have better thermoregulation and produce more sweat under stress than less athletic people.

Anyone who sweats quickly is out of shape, is that true? Images of IMAGO/YAY

Fitness Myth 4: Training once a week doesn’t make sense

Nonsense. Any movement is better than no movement. Especially beginners should increase the load slowly. It may even make sense to start with one sports lesson per week. Ideally, advanced users should aim to train two to four times a week.

Especially when motivation is low, an hour of sport a week helps to not lose the desire to exercise.

Fitness Myth 5: Muscles make you immobile

That is true for extreme bodybuilding. Otherwise it is nonsense.

The cupcakes actually lose mobility at some point. For normal people, a little strength training is even beneficial for mobility. Why? For many of us, desk work shortens many muscle groups.

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