Soccer star and McFit founder Rainer Schaller introduces JOHN REED’s SERGIO RAMOS

Experience the world of top star personal training: Spanish soccer star Sergio Ramos (Paris Saint-Germain) unveiled a new gym in Madrid together with his friend and partner Rainer Schaller, founder, owner and CEO of the RSG Group. International media representatives received their first exclusive insights. The official opening is scheduled for January 18, 2022.

Sergio Ramos and Rainer Schaller at the official presentation of the SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED gym in Madrid.

The most important facts in summary:

  • Soccer professional Sergio Ramos and Rainer Schaller are not only good friends, but also new exclusive business partners.
  • The two have that in common in Madrid Concept Study SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED presents
  • Of sophisticated and elegant gym opens to members on January 18, 2022.
  • First exclusive images for the premiere Provide exciting ideas and make her want more!

Here we go! Background and detailed information:

The secret is out, the wait is over. In the Official presentation of JOHN REED’s SERGIO RAMOS gym, Sergio Ramos and Rainer Schaller, founders, owners and CEO of the RSG Group, including the JOHN REED fitness lifestyle brand, answered questions from journalists and media representatives.

Basis for business partnership between Rainer Schaller and Sergio Ramos is the close friendship, which has been developed and consolidated over several years. (Also read: ‘Interview with Rainer Schaller’)

Connect common values

Both the founder of McFit and the world-class footballer represent Innovation, discipline and success. These values ​​fundamentally connect the two and deliver the Base for the exclusive gym.

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Rainer Schaller describes the partnership with the words: “I am very happy that Sergio and I have a developed a true friendship Has.”

success through discipline

He adds: “From the moment we met, we were in the same wavelength. Sergio is an exceptional athlete, a focused and goal-oriented professional with a vision of the future and represents success through discipline like no other. I am pleased that we are now business partners as well.”

“I am an adventurer, like Rainer, and for great adventures you need a perfect team. It is us.”

Sergio Ramos García, Spanish international and professional at Paris Saint-Germain

Sergio Ramos adds: “I can I couldn’t imagine a better partner as the number 1 in the world in fitness, the RSG Group and the JOHN REED brand with all the Experience in the mix of fitness, music, design and lifestyle..”


Fitness Store 2.0

the study is Architecturally divided into five areas and is based on boutique fitness studios. However, in contrast to these, the club also offers one free access gym area.

In a total of about 2,000 square meters of space The training concept includes several classes with different training approaches, which complement each other in terms of content and expertly designed together with Sergio Ramos become.

These are spread across the categories. Functional, cardio, strength, agility, running and boxing. Furthermore, there are so-called Group Training Master Classes. All training sessions are regularly pumped to the beat of live DJs. To increase motivation and club atmosphere. to import.

Design and art: the lifestyle of Sergio Ramos

JOHN REED’s SERGIO RAMOS studio design and artistic details are based on Ramos’ personality and they were healed by himself. All aspects of the brand and the club. represent the lifestyle and values ​​shared by Sergio Ramos and JOHN REED.

On the soccer field, Sergio Ramos has been synonymous with motivation, desire to win and strength at the international level for years. At the same time he lives and loves style, aesthetics and elegance. Now both worlds in one limited clothing collection – available from the official opening – combined.

Those interested can now register through the website to search for the Opening mid-January 2022 do his first training as Sergio Ramos. the The list of members is limited..

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