Soccer stars visit the Special Olympics in Berlin

Many sports celebrities attended the Special Olympics National Games Berlin 2022. Among others, Philipp Lahm, honorary captain of the DFB and member of the World Games Committee of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, and Célia Šašić, attended former national soccer player and current vice president of the DFB. Both emphasized how important it is for the preparations for EURO 2024 to learn from such events on the topic of inclusion and equal opportunities.

Philipp Lahm and Célia Šašić at the 2022 Special Olympics National Games

Together with many athletes, Philipp Lahm and Célia Šašić visited the ‘Healthy Athletes’ health fair for the first time. There they told them which ones health counseling opportunities it’s for people with intellectual disabilities and how offers are accepted on the site.

Philipp Lahm was enthusiastic about the offerings on the food pyramid, vision tests, dental health, hearing tests and foot diagnostics.

“It is extremely important that there is a health program for all. We have to be fit and healthy. It’s great that there is a point of contact where ALL people can get help.”

Philipp Lahm – Soccer World Champion 2014

The honorary captain of the German soccer team continued: “Today I am going to visit the Special Olympics because that it is also a theme for EURO 2024, which I am helping to organize. With equal opportunities, participation and inclusion. That is why we are here. And that’s why it’s here Exchange with Special Olympics very important.

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Ideal football for inclusion

The two sports celebrities watched the award ceremonies in football. Former national player Célia Šašić commented: “It’s very moving to see that and it reminds me of my active days. I think it’s important to let everyone participate and get involved.

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Football has a wide reach and can and does send many messages. As part of the preparations for EURO 2024, it is very important that we stop here at the National Games in Berlin 2022. Much can be learned from events like this.Sašić continued.

“Inclusion is a very important part of our society and the DFB is also committed to people with intellectual disabilities.”

Célia Šašić – Vice President of the DFB

She adds: “Football has every opportunity to think inclusively and implement that. After Soccer is so simple and so easy that anyone can participate..”

Enjoying sport counts

Philipp Lahm was enthusiastic after his extensive visit to the games: “The sport in Special Olympics and the entire event is characterized by the fact that everyone can be present.. people here have one great anticipation and so lots of joy and passion in sports. It’s good to see that.

For the 2023 World Games I wish the athletes a lot of fun and joy. That is the most important thing for me. It does not matter what you do. And I’m sure I’ll be here again next year!”

By the way: the soccer star has one in June 2022 Health guide to resilience, mindfulness and fitness. released. Read our brochure here: ‘Health for All’.

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