Sport in high temperatures: how to stay fit

The strong intensity of the sun and the corresponding high temperatures mean that the body loses a lot of fluid very quickly. This can put a lot of pressure on the body, especially during longer and more intense training sessions. For this reason it is advisable to avoid the intense midday sun. Exercise on especially hot days preferably in the morning or in the afternoonwhen the air is colder.

Be aware of your diet

Physical fitness is not only achieved through regular training, but also through a balanced diet. Therefore, you need to close them, especially in the summer. lots of fresh fruits and vegetables grab. An alkaline diet, which consists mainly of plant-based foods and leads to inner balance, is ideal for hot days. alkaline foods do not put extra pressure on the body, as they are usually easy to digest. They also provide important vitamins and minerals that are sweated out more and more during exercise.

listen to your body

It is important to be aware of your own body, especially when facing additional stress such as heat or cold. Even experienced athletes, who otherwise consider themselves highly efficient, shouldn’t take high temperatures lightly. The hottest days of the year are not the time to push yourself to peak performance. 60 percent of the usual load is enoughkeeping fit. If, over time, you find that you get along well with the heat, you can always carefully increase it.

Wear the right sportswear

The heat makes us sweat more. Sport too: sport in hot climates brings with it maximum sweat production. Therefore, it is useful, especially in summer, airy and breathable functional clothing gain. This ensures that sweat is transported faster. Since heat also increases muscle cramps, it can Support arms and legs with special sports compression products..

protect yourself from the sun

Also watch out for one adequate sun protection. On the one hand, this means protecting sensitive scalps with a hat. This will help prevent the symptoms of dangerous heat stroke. Caps with a visor that protect the head, face and neck from the sun are especially suitable. In addition, you must consider the parts of the body that are not well covered. apply sunscreen – preferably directly before sport, as part of the cream is washed off again with sweat.

drink enough

To drink a lot and regularly. Even when you’re not exercising, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you often forget to drink enough, these tips may help. It is said that an adult person in the summer between two and three liters of liquid they must take. Mineral water with a high mineral content, unsweetened teas and juice sprays are ideal. An additional liter of fluid should be drunk for every hour of exercise.


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