Stabbed man – said to be a son of the Remmo clan

A man was stabbed in the gym across from the bakery on Wednesday night. Imago/Knight

Theft of gold coins from the Bode Museum, a prominent diamond in the Green Vault in Dresden, raids for arms and drug trafficking: the Remmo clan from Berlin continues to make headlines. Especially on the perpetrator’s side. But tonight as a victim. On Wednesday night, a man was stabbed in a gym at Backfabrik on Prenzlauer Allee (Prenzlauer Berg). According to information from BZ, it should be Ismael Remmo.

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Ismael Remmo is no stranger to the scene itself. 2018/2019 in court for murder. It was about the cowardly murder of Ali O. (43). The man, who belonged to another extended Arab family, was brutally beaten to death with a baseball bat in Britz.

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The district court negotiated for 14 months and interviewed more than 80 witnesses. The judge: “Due to lack of adequate evidence, it was not possible to clarify in detail the brutal and inhumane act.” References to the Remmo family were seen. But that is not enough to convict the defendant.

Police were alerted around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning: man stabbed

Now Ismael Remmo was probably the victim of a crime. Prenzlauer Allee 248-251 Police and Fire Departments were alerted around 2am Wednesday morning: Man Stabbed! They found the seriously injured man being treated by an ambulance and then transported to a nearby clinic. The perpetrators are said to have been filmed by video cameras as they fled.

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The GoP said: “The incident does not surprise us because we are talking about young men who express a lot of testosterone in conflict and competitive situations and who like to solve this with the use of weapons. At least we can not think of any exercises physical that requires you to have a knife with you.”

The Remmo family was the sole focus of the judiciary again on Tuesday. The Neukölln District Court was referring to the family’s villa, which had been confiscated from Berlin. One of 77 Remmos properties seized by the Berlin prosecutor in 2018.

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But the Remmos still live in the house to this day. The Neukölln district filed an eviction lawsuit against the family after they failed to voluntarily vacate the building at the end of October 2021. In settlement negotiations in court on Tuesday, both sides could not agree.


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