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Turbo Training Plan
DISCOUNT! This 2-Week Program Will Quickly Strengthen Your Back

Here comes our reduced power program for a remarkably and visibly stable back. At the same time, the training even prevents pain, and that for a very short time.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee against back pain, but it’s possible to combat those nasty pinches before they hit you (again). In other words, you can and should train the back of your upper body as a preventative measure.

A strong and functional musculature also attracts attention. You know the classic saying: A beautiful back can also delight. We are happy to accompany you along the way and can promise you tangible success after just 2 weeks with our turbo training plan. What are you waiting for? From July 11 to 17, 2022 you will receive this program as a training plan of the week at a reduced price of only €7.90 instead of €9.90. Get started with back training right away!

You can download the turbo plan for a strong back directly here:

What recipe stabilizes my back?

Not one that says a drug on it, especially not long term. Instead, the secret weapon, which is not even that secret, is: the specific training of the back muscles, which is also proven by studies. How does that protect you from pain? Building a kind of defensive bastion.

In most cases, the causes of pain are lack of exercise and poor posture. Smart stress and functional muscle building are therefore the best prophylaxis of all.

How can I improve my posture?

Here, too, the motto is: move and strengthen! Typical sloping shoulders are usually a sign of muscle weakness in the upper back. Therefore, you must demand them in a focused manner.

At the same time, you should stretch the front of your upper body. Specifically, we are talking mainly about the chest muscles, but also about the front thighs. After all, we never want to leave out our lower back. Pro Tip: This, in turn, greatly benefits from strengthening the glutes.

How does the turbo training plan for the back work?

Depending on your fitness level, the program includes 3-4 workouts per week. These, logically, focus on the muscles of the upper and lower back. However, in training sessions you will also find exercises for the legs, glutes, mid-body and sometimes even the front of the upper body. After all, we want to eliminate muscle imbalances rather than promote them.

A total of 3 varied full-body workouts await you, with a maximum duration of 45 minutes. The first two are based on the sentence alternation method (very effective!), the third on a circular mode. Before each training session, there is also a goal-oriented warm-up in the program.

Who designed the backplane?

Behind the turbo program is the personal trainer from Hamburg, Alona Gerold, who combines fitness and business coaching with her LionessClub. As a certified sports rehabilitation trainer and company health management specialist, she knows all too well the path to a strong and healthy back.

The same applies to the purely external effect of a trained back. “Your self-confidence and your image in front of other people at work and in everyday life also benefit from an optimized posture,” explains the coach, who is also passionate about sports.

Leon Troester

Our specially designed training plan paves the way to recovery, sentence by sentence, in just 2 weeks. With this you not only create the best pain prevention of all, but also a visible optimization of your posture. All you have to do is follow the plan yourself, so it’s best to get started right away!


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