Stadium tour 2022 by milon and five continues

Motivating lectures, exciting team demonstrations and tours of the country’s largest football stadiums: After the start in Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion, guests of the milongroup not far from the hallowed gardens can get information about the training of the future in four other cities. in Germany: in Berlin, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen and Munich.

Hamburg tour kick-off: milon & five will also make special appearances in Berlin, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen and Munich with the 2022 stadium tour.

Of View of the wide circle of the Volksparkstadion is uncovered, no football fans, but fitness and health fans: milongroup guests have the entire Volksparkstadion to themselves on that day, at least almost, milon, five and movement concepts present themselves with their team on the VIP area above the opposite grandstand.

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“Once again it is important have a day to reflect and where can you see that Glass in our industry half full and not always half empty”, says Marc Wisner, Sales Director of the Health Market in milon.

Impulses, motivation, training experiences

And that’s why the guests on the stadium tour not only receive a lot of professional and motivational input in the form of opening speeches but can in live training and the device demos tackle yourself. (Continue reading: ‘Double premiere’)

In between there was also enough time for a lot networks and of course don’t forget one stadium tour.

Photo Gallery: Milon Stadium Tour at the Volkspark Stadium

“A lot of studio operators don’t know where their heads are at. Today we give you a bit of inspiration, a compass, we show what to pay attention to and what has priority”, says Marc Wisner.

DSSV cost management guide

He adds: With the help of DSSV eV, they were able to show guests how I can Identify positive and negative costs.. Because “There are costs that you have to save, there are costs that you should not touch.”

The traditional milongroup roadshow will take place for the first time in 2022 as a stadium tour: where usually soccer professionals inspire your fans stars of the world give their concerts, entertain now thousand and five your audience

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Marc Wisner: “We think about it, motivate ourselves and develop good products and concepts. Why we they are all in the same boat and walk out of here a winner. That is our intention.”

Wolf Harwath adds: “Today we were in the beautiful Volkspark stadium – great atmosphere, I’m very happy that we have so many Inspire people in the not so easy times can pass”.

“Now I look forward to the next appointments even more. Come on, it’s going to be really, really fun!”

Wolf Harwath – CEO of the Milon Group

Next stop, for quite a while Spontaneous: Olympic Stadium Berlin on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. After that we continue on the german bank park in Frankfurt, the “Arena Auf Schalke” in Gelsenkirchen and at the end milon, five and movement concepts will be invited with their 2022 stadium tour in Munich Allianz-Arena. Tickets for the other seasons there is for €69 (plus VAT) still online.

All dates and ticket links at a glance

September 6, 2022 | Berlin, Olympic Stadium

September 8, 2022 | Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank Park

September 15, 2022 | Gelsenkirchen, Arena Auf Schalke

September 27, 2022 | Munich, Allianz Arena

More about a thousand and five: ‘A team’


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