Strava: Fitness Portal now supports group challenges

Anyone who plays sports has surely heard of the Strava app (App Store link). The portal, which is very popular all over the world, allows you to track various sports activities and also share them with the community. The app is free to download on iOS and watchOS and can be activated from iOS 14.0 and 132 MB of free storage space. All content is also available in German.

Strava has been able to benefit from community comparisons for a long time. There are monthly and personal challenges to improve your performance and endurance, Strava segments that show how you compare to other users of the app, and also clubs for common sports interests.

Strava has now integrated another new feature into the Sports app with a minor update to version 254.0.0: Team Challenges. With these, it is possible to set your own rules and invite people to participate in the challenge. The new option is located in the “Groups” tab of the Strava app and allows you to create three free group challenges even without a paid membership. Strava also says in the changelog:

“This week we are presenting collective challenges! Collective challenges require athletes to work together and motivate each other to achieve a common goal. Check out our first Group Challenge in the Groups tab as we try to get to the sun and back.”

To create a group challenge, first select the type of goal (distance, time, or elevation), and then set the goal, for example, a distance of 1,000 km. The types of sport with which this goal can be achieved can then be determined. Next, you need to set the start and end date, name the group challenge and add a description, and then save it.

In order to create more than three group challenges, a premium membership with Strava is required, which costs €7.99/month or €59.99/year. In addition to unlimited group challenges, the premium subscription also includes a training diary, route planning, personal heat maps, “Relative Effort” feature for injury prevention, accurately recorded heart rate data, 3D maps, individual training and more. It can also be tested in advance with a free trial subscription.

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