Studying fitness economics leads to a career

Selina Teusch wanted to combine fitness and management in her work. When she discovered the job advertisement for the health center Physiotraining Ruwertal on Facebook, she applied directly and has been climbing the ranks since she started her double degree in fitness economics at the DHfPG. Today, Selina Teusch, just 26 years old, is an assistant director.

Student Selina Teusch and Thomas Borresch, managing director of the Physiotraining Ruwertal health center

The Physiotraining Ruwertal health center started 2010 very classic like physical therapy practice. Two years later one came Added training area.

“Were up Specialized in medical fitness. and they are also Post-rehabilitation care provider“, says managing director Thomas Borresch. With the training area also grew Need for qualified professionals.. When he was looking for young professionals, she turned to the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG). accidentally attentive.

“Like us The training area was opened in 2012 My best friend’s girlfriend came up to me. At that time she was studying in DHfPG and asked me if she in-company training as part of your dual studies with me could finish. So he did.

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because his Consistently positive experiences with the DHfPG dual study system were, Thomas Borresch decided look for a dual student to support you in management could.

With Facebook to dual studies

At the same time, Selina Teusch also became Reflections on your professional future. “It became clear to me that in my work Combine fitness and management want,” she says.

she searched relevant employers and it was a Facebook Job Posting attention to the health center and the DHfPG. So she applied as a dual student.

“I have then first started as an internto see how people work in the company and which course suits me. In terms of content, the Bachelor of Fitness Economics finally won me over,” she says.

With this course, Selina Teusch was able to combine fitness and management and her boss, Thomas Borresch, was able to rely on support in the organization of the practice.

“Because dual students between 30 and 35 hours per week in operation are and only missing every six weeks for a few dayscould also direct Selina as full employee in work processes and integrate projects. That’s how I felt one immediate relief and she herself could from the beginning familiarize yourself very well with all company-specific processes.”

For the Wittlicherin it is particularly the high practical relevance one of the major advantages of dual studies represent.

“I could mine Contribute ideas from the beginning and was allowed to lend a hand. I already have during my studies took on many taskseg B. write course concepts or work on control. One year before finishing my studies then we sit down and think about how to proceed next.”

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Thomas Borresch did not hesitate and offered take charge after graduation. “Of course she was very happy about it. After I graduate, I have first as practice manager worked, a half a year later then i became management assistant promoted. now i’m alone for that responsible for daily operations.”

General manager convinced of the dual study system

“The students bring knowledge from each course with that you directly in the implement practice be able. Therefore, we have decided an internal meeting after each assistance phase host This is how dual students can update all employees and we can give you from the beginning transfer responsibility And that comes back in the form of motivation!”

New knowledge for your own work

Thomas Borresch derived from the knowledge that the students acquired in the Acquire self-study phases and deepen them in the coursesand always new ideas for your own work.

Skills in Marketing and Controlling

“We can really everyone will benefit from the knowledge that is imparted.” In addition, students bring important skills in areas such as marketing and control to work processes and can thus actively contribute more effective organization of daily practice contribute.

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Selina Teusch directs now one team of 20 people – and that with 26 years. you go with this responsibility very wellsays his boss.

looking for dual students

“The decision, a dual aptitude economics bachelor students and continually promoting them was therefore Correct. For this reason, we are currently looking for three more dual students in the bachelor’s programs. Fitness economics, health management and sports/health informatics.”

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“It would be great if some report qualified applicants would be and we these success story with selina repeat could.”

Information about the DHfPG course

More information for dual studies, visit the DHfPG website or contact the Careers Service at Tel: +49 681 6855 580.

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