Teamfit: Achieve goals together with the social fitness app

Our forests are in danger. Its extent is shrinking dramatically: the global forest area has shrunk by around 82 million hectares in the last 60 years. With its social fitness app Teamfit, a Bavarian start-up wants to increase environmental awareness and at the same time make forest reforestation possible.

To do this, earlier this year they partnered with the company DB Schenker and encouraged employees to play sports through a company challenge. Successful: With the “Leading The Way” year-round challenge, more than €300,000 in donations were raised for the NGO WeForest in the first quarter. In March alone, employees walked more than 14 million miles. The activity should continue at least until the end of the year.

In the first quarter of 2022, DB Schenker employees walked more than 30 million kilometers. The stated goal is to reach 150 million kilometers by the end of the year. Of the approximately 76,000 employees, 53,000 accepted the challenge, which corresponds to a rate of almost 70 percent. In the motivational challenge, every step counts, as DB Schenker pays a penny for every kilometer traveled. This is donated to organizations dedicated to charitable purposes related to sustainability. This year a total amount of up to 1.5 million euros can be raised. If the team achieves the goal of running 150 million kilometers by the end of the year, they would have circumnavigated the world around 3,750 times.

Suitable for companies, groups of friends, clubs and more

Even if the example here focuses on DB Schenker and a team of over 70,000 employees, the Teamfit app can also be used on a smaller scale for joint training. Teamfit is available as a free app for iPhone and iPad in the German app store and can be uploaded to the device there with 159 MB of free storage space from iOS or iPadOS 9.0 or later. German and English are available as languages.

“With Teamfit you can play sports together, motivate each other and much more. Get together with your colleagues in a team and complete training in the areas of running, cycling, yoga, weight training and much more. Stay or get in touch Shape and improve your stamina and feel healthy and alert every day. Together it’s easier to maintain it in the long run!”

This is how the Teamfit team reports about the social fitness app in the German App Store. The app can be used, among other things, in the company with a team of employees, in a circle of friends or in a club. There are many possible sports such as running, cycling, weight training, in-line skating, HIIT and more. Before you begin, you must sign up: This can be done with an email address or an Apple or Facebook account. You can then create a new team with a name and goal or join an existing team using a challenge code.

Other team members in a new team can be persuaded to participate via an invite and challenge code. All team members, goals, a ranking list, and the latest team activities can be found on a team summary page. Particularly exciting: You can set simple goals with general fitness points or more specific goals where, for example, stamina and strength points must be accumulated. If you prefer to do your sports activities with Apple Watch, a Garmin or Fitbit device, you can also import the training to Teamfit to accumulate points.

The download and use of the basic functions of Teamfit are free of charge. If you want to use some additional features, you need to pay a subscription. This includes, but is not limited to, premium workouts and specific yoga challenges, creating your own workouts, and creating more than one custom challenge. The subscription can be tried for free for 7 days and then costs 5.99 EUR/month or 17.99 EUR/year. However, the basic version of Teamfit should suffice for ordinary challenges.

Have you already participated in a company challenge? If so, what was the goal? Or do you set common goals elsewhere? What platforms do you use for this? As always, we look forward to hearing your experiences on this topic in the comments.

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