That is why it is said that non-alcoholic beer helps burn fat

Whether for health reasons, to improve your fitness or because you want to save calories: more and more people are getting on alcohol-free beer around. Now those who want to lose weight and have therefore given up alcoholic beverages should be particularly happy. supposedly helps alcohol-free beer in fat burning. wmn has investigated what is behind.

Can non-alcoholic beer really make you lose weight?

Non-alcoholic beer is said to increase fat burning, at least that’s what a 2018 study says. At the time, two teams of scientists from Germany and Austria examined two different ingredients in non-alcoholic beer: xanthohumol and iso-alpha acids. According to Prof. Dr. Claus Hellerbrand of the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, the two substances can not only Obesity, but it also helps with inflammation and cancer.

The result may be surprising because, as another study recently found, above all, Non-alcoholic beer causes blood sugar levels to spike. Finally, high blood sugar levels are linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Therefore, both studies must be viewed critically.

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Beer is not necessarily fattening. Photo: IMAGO / Addictive Stock

Non-alcoholic beer is said to promote fat burning

Studies have shown that xanthohumol reduces the risk of obesity and malnutrition It inhibits fatty liver and prevents the liver from scarring. According to the head of the study, Prof. Hellerbrand, the substance is also responsible for killing liver cancer cells that prevents weight gain from overeating.

But the iso-alpha acids found in non-alcoholic beer are also said to do something amazing. “They have a positive effect on health and not only inhibit liver damage, but they have a positive effect on the metabolism of fats and sugars.

That’s what the experts say.

Depending on the type you drink, beer contains a lot of calories. It’s not for nothing that men talk often from a beer belly. However, things don’t look so bad today. A normal beer contains about 43 calories per 100 milliliters, with non-alcoholic beer it’s only 25 calories. That he but lose weight with beer, many experts are quite skeptical.

This is how the nutritionist Uwe Knop comments to the magazine fit book very critical of the study results. The fact that non-alcoholic beer is supposed to slim down and protect against cancer is the stuff of experts. “Fictitious nonsense”.

However, he also refers to a quote from the person responsible for the study: “It is (…) conceivable that the consumption of non-alcoholic beer or other foods and beverages containing hops (…) could have a positive effect “. The researchers put their statement into perspective with the word “conceivable.”

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Conclusion: Non-alcoholic beer is not a fat burner

About xanthohumol substances and iso-alpha acids no basic research yet According to Uwe Knop. “Just because one sees positive effects in the test tube with substances isolated from beer, doesn’t mean no way that eating the whole meal actually shows the effects in real life.”

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