The 4 best exercises for strong feet

In life, a person walks about 180,000.00 kilometers. In other words, our feet take us around the world more than four times in our lifetime. A remarkable achievement, and truly exhausting work. Ergo: Our feet definitely deserve more attention!

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This is why healthy feet are so important

Healthy feet are the foundation of body static. In other words: The feet keep our body or our entire musculoskeletal system in balance. They carry the weight of the body from A to B, balancing and supporting each other at the same time.

Therefore, the following applies: If you want to lead a long, active and pain-free life, you must Do not neglect the health of your feet. Cause: A number of physical ailments can also be attributed to unhealthy feet, such as back and knee pain or hip problems. Stronger feet and trained foot muscles, on the other hand, can prevent pain and injury – and even yours Improve coordination and posture..

Advice: Walk barefoot more often. In this way you strengthen the muscles of your feet and prevent malpositions such as flat feet, flat feet or splay feet. Your feet have to support themselves when you walk barefoot, without the support of shoes.

The 4 best exercises for strong feet

Many exercises to strengthen the foot muscles can be easily performed at home and in everyday life, for example, while brushing teeth or cooking. We present 4 daily exercises for your feet.

Advice: It is best to perform all exercises barefoot.

1. The heel lifter

This exercise strengthens not only the foot, but also the calf muscles and, at the same time, improves the sense of balance. Stand up straight and place your feet hip-width apart. Now lift your heels and at the same time try to stand on your toes as much as possible. Important: Bend your knees slightly to protect the ligaments. In the professional version, you can also perform this exercise standing on one heel, like a stepper.

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2. Claws of the feet

Scratching your toes is as simple as it is effective, and it even works when you’re wearing shoes. This means that you can also do the exercise at work, on the bus or on the train. Everything you have to do with it? Their Clench your toes tightly, hold briefly and relax again. Repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times.

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3. The single leg stand

Another exercise you can use to strengthen your foot fitness is the single-leg stand. A simple exercise: you stand up and bend one leg so that it is suspended in the air. If you want to challenge your ankles, you can count on one unstable ground and do the exercise in the sand or on a sofa, for example. The stronger the muscles in your feet and legs are trained, the safer you will be on your feet.

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4. Toe separator

This standing exercise also uses the hands. With the toe separator you can stretch the transverse arch and relieve tense and sensitive feet. To do this, grab your foot on the inside and outside edge with both hands. Now spread your toes out to the sides. Do this gently and repeat the foot exercise 10 to 15 times.

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