The 5 best exercises to lose weight

To lose a few kilos successfully, you need two important things: a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise. We only lose weight when we have a daily caloric deficit of about 300 to a maximum of 500 calories.

Many people still assume that endurance sports alone can melt the pounds away. Strength training plays a key role in fat loss. For this reason, a combination of both makes sense. In addition to sports like jogging, swimming or cycling, you should also focus on strength training. We will show you which exercises are particularly effective and goal-oriented.

Lose weight: trust these 5 exercises

1. plank

The plank is a popular and sweaty full-body exercise that is performed with your own weight. With the support of the forearm, it trains the muscles of the stomach, back, legs, buttocks and torso. Thanks to the developed muscles, you burn more fat, which contributes to the success of your weight loss. You can also vary and intensify the plank, for example by raising your arms and legs during the exercise.

2. Squat

There is no training without squats! The squat is an effective exercise for working your entire lower body and burning calories. The energy and oxygen requirements for this exercise are particularly high. Similar to plank, you can also modify squats. For example, you can try spreading your legs further apart or jumping from a squat position.

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3. Climbers

The Bergsteiger or Mountain Climber is another exercise that really fires up your metabolism and primarily works your abdominal muscles. But your glutes, arms, shoulders, lower back and chest also get their money’s worth and get stronger in the process. Mountaineers not only need strength, but above all endurance.

4. superman

A heroic exercise – Superman! During this exercise to lose weight, the back extensors and the biceps of the legs are especially trained. Simply lie on your stomach on a mat and extend your arms forward as an extension of your body. Your palms are turned towards each other. Now the “flight” begins: the legs, arms and upper body are raised, as far and for as long as possible. His gaze falls to the ground.

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5. Burpees

If you want to lose a kilo or two, you can not do without burpees. In this bodyweight exercise, several exercises are directly combined with each other, namely push-ups, squats, and stretch jumps. As a result, the whole body is trained. Also, the body has to provide a lot of energy during exercise and calories are burned accordingly. Since the burpee is a very intense exercise, the afterburn effect is also very high after training, which promotes fat loss.

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