The Adult Education Center: Summer Courses from Mawiba Dance to Forest Bathing

Leipzig district. Not vacations! For an educational institution, things are really starting now. The Leipzig District Adult Education Center (VHS) kicks off the next few weeks with a summer offer that leaves nothing to be desired. Marketing specialist Katja Hartmann and Kerstin Ehrlich, Head of Culture & Design/Health & Nutrition, reveal exactly what’s planned and what dates stay-at-homes should keep in mind.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

“Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, our users had to wait a long time for the VHS to be reopened,” Ehrlich recalls of the inadvertent forced interruption, only to add immediately afterwards: “This is exactly why we want to show that we are still here.” adds Hartmann, on the one hand to offer interesting offers to families who do not travel during the summer holidays, and on the other hand to record the needs that flow into future planning.

Talent campus for children on vacation with magic tricks from professionals

The VHS, which is open all the time by the way, is based on old and new courses. It is worth taking a look at the website Hartmann refers, for example, to the usual program of the institution. Consequently, there is again the talent campus for young people aged ten to 16, which takes place from August 22 to 26 in Markranstädt. The cooperating partners of the project are the Markranstädt youth club of the Christian Youth Village Association Germany and the school social workers of the secondary schools in Markranstädt. “This year’s motto for our talent campus is: ‘This is magic.’ It’s about learning magic tricks from professional magicians.” However, Hartmann does not reveal more. Enough that the next talent campus is in Brandis during fall break.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

According to Ehrlich, exercise and relaxation courses such as Pilates, yoga, full-body strengthening, body styling or Bellydance are always popular and therefore naturally part of today’s offerings. On the other hand, “dance and fitness for mothers with babies and pregnant women” is a novelty in the extensive VHS programming. “We have responded to queries from mothers,” emphasizes Ehrlich, who soon after recommends an entirely different package of courses that can inspire children and grandparents alike: sewing, lace and macrame knotting. “It’s hard to believe, but interest in sewing techniques is increasing and attracts people of all ages.”

On foot from Borna to Leipzig

Shinrin Yoku is less about hands than feet, announces Hartmann as the next workhorse for summer fun. “Shinrin Yoku, translated from Japanese, means immersion in the forest atmosphere or bathing in the forest.” All five dates begin on July 22. Experienced teachers Jörg and Karola Günther from the Kohren-Sahlis Maze of the Senses GbR gently introduce the topic, convey knowledge and effects so that the participants can better perceive and benefit from their stay in the forest.

Finally, Hartmann and Ehrlich refer to the two pilgrimages from Borna to Leipzig in two daily stages with the qualified biology and sports teacher, Ute Lauchstedt. The route runs over the cobbler’s pony and partly along historic paths where opencast mines and lignite used to be and where lakes now characterize the area.

The language days offer a first overview of the courses.

Full details of all the courses mentioned can be found on the VHS website. This also includes the Language Days from August 9 to 11 in Borna and Grimma. With this introductory offer, interested parties not only have the opportunity to meet the teachers, but also the textbook, the adult education center and the room in which they can be taught a foreign language in the future. .

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

“By the way, several offers for the fall semester have already been posted on our home page. More are always being added. So it’s worth checking regularly,” says Katja Hartmann at the end.

However, Kerstin Ehrlich still has a request to make: “We are currently looking for teachers of all kinds, also for the areas of health and culture and design.”

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