The best fitness apps for your training.

Do you constantly plan to finally pay more attention to your fitness, but somehow always seem to lose the plot?

Or are you already crazy about fitness and would like to further optimize your training? In both cases, a fitness app could help you! Since it’s not always easy to find the best app for you, here are five great apps.

How do you recognize a good fitness app?

To find the right fitness app, you first need to know what you want. What do I want to achieve with the training? What kind of sport do I enjoy? Do I only need workouts or also functions for wellness or nutrition? After giving these things some thought, you can see which app can help you best. A good fitness app will remember your sports preferences and also take into account the goals you have set for yourself. Also, the app will provide you with advanced features for many sports and fitness exercises.


With 53 million users, Freeletics is the best fitness app in Europe. Here you get a completely individual training plan, with a focus on strength and endurance training without equipment. Typical exercises are burpees, squats, or push-ups. With a subscription you can not only unlock all the exercises, but also use personalized nutrition plans or an audio coach. This way you improve your health in all aspects!

rebel asana

All yoga fans should check out this app! Asana Rebel helps you stay fit with yoga and exercise. You can filter the videos offered by duration, difficulty level, or fitness goal to find the perfect workout for you. Do you want to sleep better, have more energy or lose weight? Asana Rebel has the perfect training program for all of this!

nike training club

As a fitness app from a renowned sporting goods manufacturer, Nike Training Club naturally offers high quality. Workouts in popular categories like yoga, HIT, strength training or cardio are waiting for you here. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is something for everyone. There is also a lot of interesting additional material on wellness and nutrition topics. Coaches, athletes, and other experts are happy to present their advice on the app.

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Do you prefer to stay fit while running? Then Runkeeper is perfect for you! Enter your race goal and get your training plan. The GPS tracker makes it easy to track your progress. There’s even a reminder when you need a new pair of running shoes! Monthly challenges guarantee even more sports fun.


Loox is the right app for people who like to train their body in the gym. The free version offers 45 expert plans, the premium version even more than 300. This allows you to adapt the training to your fitness level and goals. You can also combine the exercises into plans that you create yourself. With the subscription you can also analyze your body values. This makes the path to the dream body easier!


We are often very busy these days. That is why it is sometimes difficult to stay in shape. However, we have the advantage that our daily companion, the smartphone, offers us the opportunity to easily track and promote our fitness. Whether it’s online shopping at Zalando, education, entertainment, even casino rounds with providers like platinum casino: Today everything happens on the internet. So why not do something good for your body and your health with a fitness app?


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