The birthplace of Switzerland: original canton with primeval forest

Lake Uri glows a Caribbean blue. Tim stands on the wooden railing and looks out over the water. “Very well here,” the eleven-year-old sighs. The mother cannot believe what she hears. For a guy who prefers to move by running or climbing, the confession sounds downright glorified. Maybe it’s because hiking trail #99, also known as the “Swiss Trail,” often offers wild and romantic views of towering rocks and a lake. In addition, it always passes through places full of history, such as the Tell Chapel, inside which the dramatic legend of the Swiss national hero Wilhelm Tell is reenacted. And so Mama reaches back into her memory and tells the story of the evil sheriff forcing the rebellious Tell to shoot his son an apple out of her head with a bow and arrow. But: The 13-kilometre route from the accommodation in Morschach to Flüelen is also very beautiful. At over 30 degrees along the lake, of course there has to be a stop to bathe in the 22 degree hot water. Tim enthusiastically brings swimming sticks and sticks with two boys who go hiking with him. This brings freshness and variety.

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Parents need much more persuasion for the sweaty ten kilometers through the Bödmeren forest reserve, because there is no water in sight and therefore no paddling or sailing. The area is half an hour’s drive from Morschach at the end of the Muotathal and, at 450 hectares, is the largest primary forest in the Alps. The young man most likely expects a Tarzan in a bast skirt swinging from vine to vine and is initially disappointed: “That’s not a jungle.” of karst mountains. Directly to the right and left of the path there are sometimes deep sinkholes, which were formed by the dissolution of calcareous rock. They are usually clearly visible, but sometimes they grow too large.


get there by train track Zurich either Olten to Brunnen ( Then on the 504 bus to Morschach (

Accommodation Holiday apartment with 3.5 rooms ideal for families from around 1480 euros per week. underground parking and final cleaning extra cost, Idyllic and modern 2.5-room apartment for 4 people in the Muotathafrom about 100 euros per night more final cleaning about 90 euros.

Activities Hike through Lake Uri, return with the Boat. Information at: Loop hike through the Bödmeren primeval forest ( from the Eigeliswald car park. Information:

General information,, Tel. 0 08 00 10 02 00 30. girlfriend

However, the route is doable with children if they are instructed to stay on the red and white marked trail and in sight. Tim now hires himself as a scout, going ahead and warning of every hole. Tip: If parents want to make hiking enjoyable for their kids, they have roughly three strategies to choose from: dissembling, bartering, and harsh bribes. In the case of a Lake Uri hike, it’s not that hard, because the euphemism is: super cool route, completely flat (mostly!), includes paddling, and returns by boat. The trade-off is: If the children go on an outing with their parents, Mom or Dad will play ball with the child in the play pool in the holiday village afterwards. When it comes to bribes, the currency depends on the preferences of its own offspring: a small ice cream is usually no longer enough for a strenuous walk, there must be a Coke longer in front of the universally popular square devices.

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Original canton with primeval forest

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