The fitness and health industry discussed in Berlin with research and politics

For years, lack of exercise has been one of the most underrated health risks. The result: more and more people suffer from the so-called diseases of civilization. For this reason, the DSSV e. V., the DHfPG and the BSA Academy organized the 6th parliamentary evening under the motto “Fit and healthy in Germany: Fitness studios move the country” at the Saarland state representation in Berlin. The goal: to present the successful “Fitmach Campaign: Fit & Healthy in Saarland” to representatives of the Bundestag, research, the fitness and health industry and the statutory health insurance companies and initiate the implementation of the model project at the federal level .

Parliamentary evening in Berlin: fitness and health experts debate with representatives from politics and research.

The most important facts in summary:

  • At the 6th Parliamentary Night in Berlin, the “Fitness campaign: fit and healthy in Saarland” presented that started very successfully is and as a model project for the whole of Germany could serve.
  • Industry experts and politicians. discussed the importance of fitness and sport for the health of the population.
  • It is the wish of those involved that a rethink in the policy towards the fitness and health industry occurs
  • physical training should in the future as a preventive measure be more focused.

Here we go! Background and detailed information:

After a few months lockdown became the for many people adverse health effects of physical inactivity more and more clearly.

With the “Fitmach Campaign: Fit and Healthy in Saarland”, the Saarland Ministry of Health, the DHfPG, the Association for Prevention and Health in Saarland (PuGiS) e. V., Saarland statutory health insurance companies, fitness and health facilities and the DSSV e. V. as a supporter of people together in the Saar encourage more exercise and fitness.

This successful project has now been presented at the 6th Parliamentary Night in Berlin and should become a Joint exchange with health and fitness policy, research and industry to lead

Stimulating conversations. Important entry. New insights.

After Annegret Nasshan, Office Manager of the Saarland State Representation in Berlinopened the VI Parliamentary Evening with some introductory words, the guests of DSSV President Birgit Schwarze and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, Vice President of the DHfPGGive the welcome.

It was important for both of them to show the challenges that the fitness and health industry was exposed to during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that it is essential for people’s health.

“I was very pleased to be invited to the 6th Parliamentary Evening, which once again highlighted the importance of fitness and sport for health. The presence of political representatives on the site is an important signal to the industry.”

Silke Frank, Global FIBO Event Manager

The consequences of these pandemic-related closures and restrictions have become increasingly apparent since the reopening: the diseases of civilization, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are increasing rapidly. To counteract this negative trend, the “Fitmach Campaign: Fit and Healthy in Saarland” will be implemented nationwide.

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The “Fitmach-Aktion” was presented after the welcome of Project Manager Prof. Dr. Sarah Kobel (Market Research Manager, DHfPG)which has already presented initial results.

Fitness campaign: overwhelming number of registrations

“People are thankful for them Support on your way to more exercise in everyday life. This is also shown by the overwhelming number of registrations: only a few weeks after the start, there was no more space”, says Prof. Kobel.

EMS Training - EMF Specialist Hotline & FAQ AB

Complete as part of the “Fitmach campaign”. 1,000 subjects no problem little or irregularly active in sports are, at a local gym or health studio of your choice eight-week personalized training program according to the evidence-based physical activity recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

“It was a very good and important event to explain to politicians the importance of fitness for health. The conferences and especially the round of talks were to the point from different perspectives. The Fitmach campaign is a valuable tool thanks to its scientific support and shows that a joint campaign by industry, politics and health insurance companies is well suited to get many people excited about health-oriented education.”

Stefan Lang, Owner and CEO of Step Sports GmbH

With questionnaireswhich are filled in at different times during the training phase, document fitness professionalshow often subjects complete or have completed training, how well their fitness and is the mental condition and what motivation prompts them to exercise at a given time.

after this Best Practices Conference by Prof. Kobel asked moderator Prof. Wessinghage Industry players from politics, research, fitness and health on the stage:

  • Philipp Hartewig, member of the German Bundestag, chairman of the sports committee and spokesman for sports policy of the FDP
  • birgit blackPresident of the Association of Employers of German Gymnasiums and Health Centers
  • Prof. Dr. Sarah Kobel, project manager of the “Fitmach campaign” and head of market research DHfPG
  • Prof Dr Joerg Lothboard member of IKK Südwest and professor of DHfPG
  • Frank Vogelgesang, owner of Motivitas GmbH in Kleinblittersdorf (Saarland)

In the exchange, the experts discussed the current health status of the population and cross industry action options all about fitness.

Philipp Hartewig emphasized, among other things: “There has to be a rethink, especially in politics. The policy must Driving adoption in the fitness and health industry and properly recognize its positive economic and health impact”.

Prevention: Liability of health insurance companies

Prof. Dr. Jörg Loth also sees health insurance companies as responsible: “The health insurance companies currently they give a lot of money for them healing of people outside. In the prevention however, momentarily very little invested. That has to change.”

In the subsequent meeting, the experts and guests took the opportunity to talk about how the population low threshold offers when regulating Physical training under professional guidance. can be made accessible.

entertaining. Convincing. promising.

participants Guests from politics, research, and the fitness and health industry they were impressed by the program, the speakers and the model project “Fitmach-Aktion”.

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Reer, Professor at the Institute for Human Movement Sciences at the University of Hamburg, summarized: “Many studies have shown that lack of exercise is a health risk, so this problem is well known. However, there is currently no political coverage. Because restorative medicine is still being promoted a lot, but not prevention. And there must be a rethinking here.”

Start a peak movement

Also Frank Ullrich (SPD), chairman of the sports committee and former biathleteShe was enthusiastic: “As a former competitive athlete, I know that physical training can be the solution. Now we are finally ready to start a spike in movement, so to speak. The fitness and health industry can do this and we will constantly support it.”

Start of a model project at the national level

The 6th Parliamentary Evening in Berlin can initial spark It will be a all-German model project to begin with, which helps people in a sustainable way, regular physical training to operate and therefore its actively improve health.

Further away Information on the model project “Fitmach Campaign: fit and healthy in Saarland” You will find here.

Image Gallery: 6th Parliamentary Night


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