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The problem of the long trip? Forgotten on the first morning. A symphony concert sounds on Nongkat Island just in time for sunrise. The musicians hide in the tropical green thicket behind the cabin. They hiss, cluck, clack, croak, rattle, saw, chatter, hum, warble. At breaks, when the orchestra of jungle animals isn’t playing a tutti, tropical beauties dance silently before your eyes. After all, anyone who pushes the mosquito net aside after waking up and walks to the beach will be accompanied by palm-sized butterflies. In the middle of the Indonesian archipelago of Anambas, on the previously uninhabited island of Nongkat, a shallow lagoon behind granite boulders offers protection from rough seas during the northeast monsoon. A pompong trawler puffing past has just brought in a few kilos of skipjack tuna. He will be grilled at night, as will the harpooned squid. On the island of Nongkat they eat what the sea produces. “It’s a simple life,” says Dhany Sudirwan, “but a good life. They fit me well.”

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Dhany has just built a house for the family on the beach. Then a country house for friends. And one more thing. You have to be busy somehow. At first, only the circumnavigators kept him company in his beach bar. From time to time, however, normal guests come too. “Shoes are not necessary, you can keep them,” says Dhany by way of greeting. “Whatsapp and Instagram don’t need it either.” Anyone who secretly tries it anyway will find that the cell phone network is too weak to send messages.


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Singapore Airlines flies from frankfurt after Singapore ( A ferry takes you further to the island of Indonesia. batam. from there it flies lion air after quitting jemaja island ( Ferries and fishing boats take you from island to island.

accommodation and organizer

a pretty accommodation it’s the sakura inn in town tarempa in Siantan Island, double room from 17 euros, bookable p. B. through Further away Accommodations at

Geoplan Reisen organizes a 13-day private trip to Singapore and to the Anambas archipelago with a week-long stay at the luxurious Bawah Reserve,

Price per person including flights and transfers from 7,290 euros,

The organizer Trauminselreisen also has offers for the Anambas archipelago,


Tours and boat trips are easier to organize with a guide than on your own. Contact is through WhatsApp. On the islands of Siantan and Matak help axel ang (Tel. 00 62 / 812 / 85 98 88 86), at Yemaia they are Gusdi Munandar (Tel. 00 62 / 822 / 83 35 14 71) and Goodbye Hussin (Tel. 00 62 / 812 / 76 56 03 01).

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Wonderful Indonesia, HBE

There would be much to tell those who stayed at home. For example, from the Moon Rock Bay excursion: 3˚ 14.897′ North, 106˚ 26.767′ East are the coordinates of the best anchorage between the islands of Pulau Sama and Pulau Sagu Dampar. Bathing, swimming, snorkeling are on the program, and then a sweaty climb on a rocky outcrop to see the bright turquoise green water with the coral banks from a bird’s eye view.

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Back in Nongkat, one discovers a sign on the beach: Berlin 9,879 kilometers. The Anambas Archipelago is not yet marked on the tourist map. You also have to zoom a lot back and forth on Google Maps to discover the islands in the vastness of the South China Sea. Indonesia’s hidden paradise lies between Singapore and Borneo: like coconuts floating in the ocean, 255 islands emerge from the blue of the sea.

In Tarempa, the bustling capital of the Anambas Islands, Axel Ang takes one under his wing. The 28-year-old inherited his love of good food from his parents, who worked in a Chinese restaurant in Germany in the early 1990s and now run the unassuming Hotel Sakura. This is how it goes afternoon after afternoon on the promenade of the port. There are excursions during the day. Siantan Island is densely forested and so mountainous that many springs gusher here and form waterfalls. At Temburun waterfall, the water exceeds 250 meters in seven waterfalls. On the neighboring island of Jemaja, there is Pantai Padang, an eight kilometer long beach. You will spend the night in a homestay with family members. Diving spots are just around the corner – fishing here is only done with hand lines and no longer with nets. If the fishermen keep up, that would benefit marine biologists Fadli Jaka and Dennis Kurniawan. The two work for the Anambas Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the sustainable development of the archipelago. “Although this is prohibited, some fishermen continue to use dynamite or poison the reefs with cyanide,” says Fadli Jaka. The underwater world of the Anambas Islands is a biodiversity hotspot.

The two experts have already documented more than 240 species of fish and created ten artificial coral gardens in the lagoon of Bawah Island to investigate how the growth of cnidarians can be accelerated. Coral bleaching is not here yet, but they are preparing for the future. The Bawah Reserve is not just an exclusive hideaway with impeccable service that rivals accommodation in the Maldives because the sand here is so white and the sea so turquoise that you think you are hallucinating. Spread across six islands, the eco-resort of beachfront villas and overwater bungalows accessible by seaplane is Indonesia’s newest destination for barefoot luxury, but more importantly it’s in the heart of a 3.7-million-acre marine reserve. . Primeval forests with cycad palm farms up to 2000 years old on land, mangroves, lagoons, reefs, open sea: not individual species should be preserved, but the entire ecosystem. So that this treasure of nature continues to be the paradise that it is today in the future.

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